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  • Lol yeah I have been busy for like a week before Halloween what with all of the costumes.

    OH! And also if Dust ever responds we will be starting CHRONOS back up! And that means more opportunities for Katelyn to aggravate Slade until he wants to strangle her!!!!

    EDIT: Sorry about that I was on the phone and my siblings were yelling in my ear.
    No problem! And I'm sorry. I hope I'm not holding you up from posting or something. =(
    Sorry, I haven't had time to post. You can have my character if you like. I don't think I'm going to have the time to do it anymore. =(
    Well its cool...Dont worry about it...I havent been on alot lately anyway...Now im trying to decide on leaving for a while or staying...Cuz i mean im hardly on anyway...

    And for the record i didnt say you left i said u might b leaving....Theres a difference...
    Aw you was here and then you was gone... Again T-T

    I shall read the reason and I enjoy talking with you as well, life has been quieter since you went away. And I won't hit you I know you like that other girl in RL and I don't date online... Actually currently I just don't date... Meh whatev.

    And don't call meh kiddo we ish the same age! Lol guess all you want I won't answer if you are wrong or right :p

    Night-night Jolteon and DL!!!! I hopes I see you two again soon!!!
    thats why lol

    your welome

    you did let me see

    oh thats cool what it about anyway

    i'll probably be on late tomorrow since school and work
    what did bluefire do anyway
    aw you said i was awesome thanks dude ^_^. YOUR THE COOLEST JOLT
    i don't think your that far i think.

    so what happen to your sister though
    lol there can't be 69 convo pages of rp buddyness lol. and yeah life isjust life, and when it gives you lemons...... make lemon merague pie.
    YAY!!!! *hugs* and i wasn't even thinking about the rps lol, and ok life issues are fin, once i get a job then i might leave too. but thats a couple years away.....
    so you won't leave. and what of the rp and your rp dude. and what happen to your sis
    We just don't want you to leave. No one wants you to leave!!!! and that maks me feel better.
    dude you can't leave your one of the greatest friends i have on here. PLEASE DON'T GO I BEG OF YOU
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