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  • Lol yeah, on today once more. I will probably be off and on tomorrow since I will be between playing video games and working on RP's on the site.

    And yeah lol, hilarius!
    but isnt it an rts? im not sure if im into real time strategy games where you control a bunch of little people, i hated pikmin XD
    Lol not one of their monarchy... It's a Matriarchy!!! I am their sole ruler!!!! *laughs maniacally as thunder is heard in the distance*

    Goodness yes I remembered it!!! It is brilliance!!! I just need to figure out that dang riddle!!!!! Oh thank goodness I was scared there for a second that you wouldn't be posting!
    YEs they are quite twisted creatures.

    Yup! I just need to finish that riddle... Curse my riddle writers block!!! I can't seem to rhyme!!!! O_O WHAT!!!!!! You won't be able to post in it?!?!?!!?
    Well cool! good for you too bad i dont get halloween i dont get to celebrate it, but i still had fun! Btw what is AOE3? my only guess is age of empires 3
    Both lol.

    Lol yup! I ish a bad girl!!! But dinner is made and I am eating so now I can work on the RP's as well and God knows I have plenty to do.
    Yeah both guys. They are SOOOOO COOL! I love going to school cuz i get to talk to them! The polish one has the coolest accent ever! i feel bad that you dont get to have foreign exchange students but still. Other than that not much has happened to me XD what about you?
    Hey jolteon how have you been? ive been absolutely great! there are 2 foreign exchange students at my school! one form poland and one from korea they are so AWESOME!
    Actually they named me Queen... It was their idea lol. And they eat other things... They can be slightly cannibalistic too... They will eat just about anything... They are kind of crazy o_o

    Lol I do it aaaaallllllll the time! I'm doing it now in fact because I should be working on the RP's and getting dinner made but I'm using the excuse that it is heating up to not be in the kitchen XD
    lol yesh! I am Queen of the rabbit kingdom!!! They obey my whim!!!... Sometimes... Unless they find something better to do but usually they like to do things for me since I give them sugary things.


    Procrastinating, putting something off for a later time, for instance, you have a paper due in two weeks but you procrastinate and don't actually start work till two days before ti is done. You have put it off unnecesarily.
    *rabbit jumps out of nowhere and grabs object before it hits me* O_O And people wonder why I keep these guys around!

    Lol I scream like a girl!

    Pretty good! Getting back to stuff that I need to get to but still procrastinating at it just the same.
    Ooh sounds fun! What are the books about?

    Lol I'm already in charge of it I'm just trying to figure out what his ideas were.

    Lol yes they should!!!!! *laughs maniacally*
    Book clubs can be fun or boring. What do you have to read?

    Well he put me in charge and made himself second in command but he had some ideas and he hasn't responded yet so I'm not sure what he wanted to suggest. Lol she is pretty awesome!!

    Lol I know you were. Lol no I will settle with poking them with my 6' wooden sword.
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