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  • Lol it's by Paramore!!! One of the best bands EVAH!!!!!!

    Uh 11/11? I know beyond that that it is some holiday that is a bank holiday which means that the library is closed.
    he still hasn't reply back yet though lol

    Yeah its important but people around don't seem to know that though
    Lol lucky you indeed!! I remember the video as well!!!! Tis a rather annoying song and now I have it stuck in my head!!! *starts humming Brick by Boring Brick*
    oh i wonder why light didn't post then
    thats a bummer i was really hoping to see more of it.
    oh just wondering. so how come you didn't post anyway and what about your suiodken rp
    They had better because they told me they would!!!! :p

    True, you could also sing that really annoying song "Don't Worry be Happy".
    oh just making sure
    i'm glad things are good how come invisible most the time
    That time of week already? Nonsense not a bother! Cam usually reminds me himself lol. I always forget to post in RP's... Luckily people remind me and then I post. So yesh I shall post just as soon as I can!!! I was waiting to see if the others would post, some of them are going to but need to be reminded.

    THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!! It is at that!! And how's about you?
    Yeah i like light gods thing alot lol anyway i should be able to post now lol
    Lol well I am glad you dropped by lol. and yes I need to post in that one also lol. I posted in the Pokemon one and I still need to work out the riddle before I post CHRONOS.

    Lol that is random but understandable.
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