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    Does NA Unchained link to JP Chi?

    I searched around a bit, and I couldn't find any info on this yet, so I'm throwing my question to the experts (by which I mean you guys): Is it possible to link my Japanese Chi account to my NA Unchained account. I know it could be done between the Japanese versions, but I cant seem to find the...
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    DDD spoiler: So what was the point of KH2?

    With the exception of, like,Coded, you could basically explain all the games from the POV of Xehanort's many contingencies BbS: Use Ventus as shortcut to forge the X-Blade and take KH 1: Send my Heartless to capture fake KH to fill vessels and forge X-blade and... CoM: Hypnotize Sora to make...
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    They were self-taught again?

    I suppose if you really wanted to be convoluted about it (and give Yen Sid a ton of credit) you could say that in a way, Sora and Riku were the Masters that were teaching them...selves Like, the first time they learned to wield a keyblade, they had some wooden sword experience (also self...
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    That fight between Roxas and Riku

    I agree, it does seem like a case of "this was cool in theory, but now we need to have a reason". If memory serves, that was also the case behind many of the seemingly random quotes from the various secret endings; SE threw in stuff that sounded cool and that they knew they could work into the...
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    What's your opinion on the inheretiance ceremony concept?

    It's not originally my idea, so I can't take full credit, but I thought I'd also bring up the theory about the power of Terra's rhyme. In BbS, during the KIC, Terra tacks on this little part at the end, "And, you will find me, friend- No oceans will contain you then. No more borders around, or...
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    The King of Kingdom Hearts?

    I think the Nobody symbol represents his connection/departure from his and Eraqus' master's teachings. You'll notice it looks like an upside-down and spikier version of the symbol Eraqus passes down to TAV. As for the non Org Nobodies, it's probably the same reason there are so many types of...
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    The X-Blade

    Wouldn't it make sense that as the companion key to Kingdom Hearts, the armor that wields the X-blade is the very will of Kingdom Hearts? It's like how the worlds are sentient enough to make a pathway for Sora when he needs to go confront Xemnas. Or how (going full nostalgia here) in Bionicle...
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    Traverse Town (DDD) vs. Traverse Town (Recoded)

    YouTuber, Soraalam1, often talks about things he wants for KH3 and one of the points he makes is about proper world scaling. In the video, he talks about how in KH1, Sora took up less of the screen and ran slower, while in DDD he is larger from our perspective and also runs faster (without...
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    Did The World That Never Was feel more dangerous in DDD compared to KH2?

    Yeah. Yen Sid explains the Realm of Sleep is locked, even to the conventional enemies Also, I think part of the erie effect is the fact that the world gets more distorted and broken as you go, so in the beginning it just looks like a damaged version of KH2's TWTNW and by the end of the path, it...
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    Nitpicks and the little things

    I'll take your "looking at stuff before it happens" and raise you a "looking at the same thing as if it's a different thing while the new thing has yet to happen". I was watching 2.5's re:Coded and there were at least five, one minute long sequences where Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy would...
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    What New Types of Magic do You Want to See?

    Magic in the Kingdom Hearts series has both changed dramatically and stayed pretty much the same throughout the games. On the one hand, there are certain families of spells that grow and expand with the series; fire, fira, and firaga generally do the same thing in each iteration with new...
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    Empty throne in Land of Departure

    It probably was just an empty seat for Xehanort and Eraqus. But it probably wasn't always. People in the KH universe have a natural proclivity for trios, and if generations of keyblade wielders have trained in that world, it's safe to assume the three thrones were for past master trios. It...
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    KH names

    Vanitas = vanity/emptiness and it sounds like Ventus, plus in Japanese part of the name is written with the same symbol as "Sora" There's just so much stuff that works about that name.
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    Do Keyblades evolve?

    I started a thread similar to this a while ago, and while the general consensus was basically the same, I thought I'd add my ideas from that post. It also had pictures.
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    Aqua in the Realm of Darkness

    That was the data he put in Sora's heart while Sora was asleep