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  • Need you to become more active man, Naruto's picking up! :D

    Also I'd rather no one use my KG besides myself, I got issues man. xD

    More yes.

    Its going okay man ..hard to find 'smart' roleplayers these days though, honestly..
    Uh, for the record, I agree entirely about your decision in that roleplay. And I also support what you said to Nate down there.

    Good job man.
    pics in your sig are awesome

    but what woulkd you possibly do if i stomped on over in my 10 inch heels :eek:
    dude, your so stupid, Ubi Ty is the best RPer on this site, and on many others, critisizing him is not a good idea. every single one of his templates has a strong base in the unkown. In any RP you can take things that are speculation in real life, and if you can prove it then it works. Ubi Ty has a strong history of that. And Even if he is powerful, he always leaves one way to kill him thats pretty obvious. You just have to find it. it's just how he is.
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