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    how long did it take you..

    2.5 days for me. It was a fairly easy game.
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    Sony Motion Controller [E3 09]

    Sony has come up with some new tech that is probably going to be the next big thing; motion controller. Watch this video of the new and impressive sony motion controller. The say its still in development so it could be better. YouTube - E3 New PS3 Controller Presentation It is simply the best...
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    Its the box art I've seen before. I remember I saw it before but where...? Oh well, I think its nice, simple, easy on the eyes and fun to look at when its on your hands when you get it. Then you could say "YEAH, I GOT MYSELF A COPY! WOOH!" I wonder if the cover would change for the US, I'll make...
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    NEW Scans!!!!

    Another kh news site made by our former khi translator, bittermeat. Go to heartstation.org. You'll see what Im talkin about.
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    NEW Scans!!!!

    nice find, I wonder if Heartstation knows...
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    New Scan of Magazine Cover.

    Cool, so now we will have extreme updates on the 21'st hopefully. Thanks for the heads up.
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    KH 358/2 Days Acting

    Translations only, I believe. Unless the US Square Enix decide to add something to the gameplay or make scene changes.
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    Avalon Code

    Hey KHI. It's been a long time since I last posted. I just wanted to make a new thread on a relatively new RPG by XSEED. It is comparable to Rune Factory and Harvest moon, but has a way more awesome RPG feeling to it than the other 2. Plus, the story is long and the game would take more than 20+...
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    Sora's Story or Riku's Story?

    playing someone else other than Sora is pretty cool. I mean I was excited when I played as Roxas at the biggining of KH2. Playing someone else gives you a different view of the whole story, and adds to the story. Playing Riku is like finding and adding a lost piece of a large puzzle, it adds to...
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    UPDATED w/Scans: 358/2 Days - April V Jump Details

    The scans are very interesting, thanks BM. I didn't see the scans till now. The scans are encouraging, can't wait till I buy my copy of days.
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    UPDATED w/Scan: 358/2 Days - May Release for Japan

    Of course, we will problably know everything about the game by the time we get our hands on it. Not to mention, many of us get Strategy Guides for our games so spoilers don't really matter. I hate Strategy Guides, they help you cheat the game, when the game is ment to be played the fun way...
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    UPDATED w/Scan: 358/2 Days - May Release for Japan

    Thanks BM, 3 more months in May, I think i can handle that much waiting. I guess this means major spoilers when BM get her hands on it, huh?
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    Sora's Story or Riku's Story?

    Now Rikus story is winning. I guess we did have the desire to play someone else other than Sora. But you have to admit, Rikus story and gameplay is pretty satisfying.
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    Most Annoying Boss

    The riku replica is too strong, therefore, hes annoying. I also thing that vexen was annoying cause he kept blocking my attacks with that dumb ice shield.
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    Re: Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unbirths So Far Dude, its everywhere. Its confirmed, we will be playing it soon enough.