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  • none of the above.

    im all spanish.
    but i was born in mexico.

    and then i've been raised here all my life since i was one.

    alot of people confuse me for chinese though, is that what you were thinking?
    well i've been there before. i know how you feel.
    thnx for asking.

    im graduating in 2 months. i have a job. im planning for college. and all that good stuff.

    :) :) :) :p

    we all feel eager to finish school as fast as we can. just don't do stupid shit that slows you down. k?

    friendship like online buddies?
    i'm very open minded and i like to make friends wherever i can.

    im just rarely online/
    mkay. sure.

    hah... ive been here for almost 3 yrs and im still not platinum. good luck with that.
    lolol. comparing me to an actress??? thnx but no thnx.

    yeah i accepted your request.
    so i see your like semi new here, how do you like it so far?
    Thank you for that :) If I'm "cool" or not can be discussed though xD

    Request accepted!
    Hey. :D Yeah, I was residing on 397 for quite a while. Now I'm in the 400's, so it's changed to 6 rep powers. :D!
    Well I'm your first friend and you're relatively new so it's all good. Thanks, that's why I got the job ;3 others thought the same.
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