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    Are you pre-ordering Re Mind?

    I'm considering pre-ordering the deluxe version after my vacation
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    Honest opinion, Power scaling isn’t as bad as the fans say

    This a problem with most fandoms, fans ignoring facts are as stupid as fans trying to explain everything with the "powerlevel" theory Who's stronger is also circumstantial
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    What's your world order?

    I go from lowest world lvl to highest
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    Eraqus isn't getting enough hate?

    Ok, this is something that I feel have been bugging me ever since I 1st played BBS at 2.5, ever since Terra's flashback(?) with Eraqus telling him not to leave any quarter for the darkness. Re-playing BBS at 1.5+2.5 haven't changed this bad feeling I had about Eraqus. I'm not gonna say that I...
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    khdays in a nutshell

    day XX: Today so did I eat sea-salt ice cream. the day after that: Today so did I eat sea-salt ice cream. the day after the day after that day: Today so did I eat sea-salt ice cream. the week after that day: Today I asked Axel why his, mine and Xion's bellies was getting more and more round, but...
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    The Keyblade Wielder of Light and Darkness enters

    well, now for something I enjoy doing, despite being a bit shy... XD hi guys, Xehanort here... wait, my hair color and eye colors doesn't match? fiiiiine, Jochira here <w< idk really what to write, so I just write what comes to mind, but I guess I can start of by saying that I've been a KH...