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Recent content by jeebz15

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    How Does Mickey Talk to Sora?

    I thought it was Vens voice? Or did I make that up. Cuz I remember ven speaking to sora in his heart before so it was agreed upon Vens voice
  2. J


    Hey everyone I just thought about something and excuse if I'm getting too excited but.... Powerwild. Hasn't returned to the series since Deep Jungle in KH1 correct? Until I noticed there was a ton of them in quest 566(?). And they return around the same time Legend of Tarzan (2016) so maybe...
  3. J

    358 and coded playable.

    I thought there was an interview with Nomura where he mentioned there were be a special addition to 1.5+2.5? I only ever read news here so it's on here somewhere but 8d have to dig if anything.
  4. J

    358 and coded playable.

    I just picked up my Mickey POP from my local game stop and they told me that they are being told from corporate that these two will be playable and not just movies. I told him I was very skeptical but he and another employee swore by it. There isn't any prove on KHI or internet is there? Thanks...
  5. J

    Drop Gauge System: challenging mechanic or reallly bad gaming design?

    I loved the card system! It basically had the potential to show players that sora isn't one type of wielder, he can actually execute TAV specific moves by himself. I can't remember off the top of my head but I know that Terra specific moves and Ven specific moves were executable by Sora back in...
  6. J

    Isa Is Basically Riku

    Remember Lea had that fight and small friendship with Ven in bbs and later met roxas who not only had vens appearance but is connected to Sora who is the vessel of Vens heart. So laments terms; lea wanted ven as a friend and axle sought it out in roxas? Plus Isa definitely switched goals...
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    Terra/Xehanort discussion rundown.

    Hi everyone! First thing first if this is something someone else has posted I am sorry! I don't post a lot but I read a lot. Also this may contains spoilers!! But approaching kh3 I want to talk to the greatest fanbase of all time! So the topic here is the whole "where is terra at". I feel this...