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Recent content by JaXeMs_TwilighT

  1. J

    A good challenge for KH2 Veterans

    thats crazy! just crazy enough to... screw it, il try ;)
  2. J

    assassin's creed

    http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/projectassassins/news.html?sid=6150586&q=assassins%20creed anyone check this game from E3? it looks amazing the graphics, the npc, the enviroments are supposed to be one of the best. You play as this assassin named Altair, and thats all they revealed so far i...
  3. J

    I cant remember the this BLEACh character!

    *this might have spoilers* sorry for troubling you all, but ive searched wikepedia, and the net, but couldnt find the name of this guy. he wears a striped hat covering his blonde hair, and what looks like a kimino( that robe thing japanese people wear, and a black jacket over it. he sold rukia...
  4. J

    Advent Children/Kingdom Hearts 2

    that made me day :D dam the 25 letter limit
  5. J

    Advent Children/Kingdom Hearts 2

    i would be named Devin Soulbourough(my rp chars name). weapon would be 2 knives. i would fight for evil. evil people always get the coolest lines lol:D . i would date yuffie, or elena( did you see her in AC she was kinda cute, and shes got a cute voice!!! dont flame me ._.) i would have sora and...
  6. J

    Face in cave in KH1

    thats cool nomura already had some of the org. members thought out by that time? i wonder what else... meh prolly nutin special
  7. J

    favorite organization XIII member AND there wepon?

    axel- his lines are so awseme axels chakrams- they just look cool and how he summons em....nuff said
  8. J

    life-insiders guide to cutting

    anyone read this manga? my sis got the first vol. yesterday & its pretty cool. it deals with this one girl who is dissed by her best freind, i guess scarring her for life, so she cuts herself to ease the pain. she tries to cope with high school and freinds n stuff like that, and her new freind...
  9. J

    Fanfiction ► Kadaj's Final Mission: Lifestream Crisis

    i like it! very interesting fic. keep up the good work :D
  10. J

    Make your own Kingdom Hearts 2 Quote!

    i guess, its not about whats right or wrong. its about how many people we kill to get there! -mine mmmkay a part of me keeps saying that it doesnt make any sence lol but to me it sounds good
  11. J

    ff9- the recognition it deserves

    all right, i havent seen much people talk about this one. i dont know why. ITS GREAT. maybe not as much as some others but it still should be mentioned. so thats why im makin a thread on why you like ff9. il start i luved the enviroments on it and was it me or were all the characters...
  12. J

    Final reunion

    *final fantasy 7 and advent children spoilers* Heaven's dark harbringer... Calamity from the Skies.... .............Jenova........... She came to...
  13. J

    manga noob in crisis!!

    hey, i finally decided to buy some manga to see if i liked it, and its pretty cool. i got vol.1 of battle angel alita, bleach(never watched the show so i thought id see what it was about), and fruits basket. anyone know of any good series? it would help alot:D
  14. J

    If You could combine 2 keyblades from KH/KH-2-What would they be & Why?

    pumpkinhead (kh1)+ oblivion(kh2) awseme looks add anti-from and......wow
  15. J

    Hey! Whtas your favorite form?

    wisdom for me! ^_^ dont flame me!!