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Recent content by /|James|\

  1. J

    Limited Edition covers: which did you get?

    I got Wisdom but I really wanted Final!:(
  2. J

    Level up bonus

    equally of course.
  3. J

    Marluxia fight...

    On the Ps2 with voice overs.
  4. J

    When are they going to realsease a kh2 commercial?

    They will be aired around a week before its release.
  5. J

    kh2 good or bad

    My all time favorite.
  6. J

    Funny KH2 Video!!!!

    It's okay but don't quit your day job.
  7. J

    Which do you like better?

    As long as a game has a story line that I can fixated on, it normally becomes high on my list.
  8. J

    Proud, Beginner or Standard mode?

  9. J

    KH1 ost vs KH2 ost

    KH2 OST duh!
  10. J

    have you ordered kh2

    Of course I did!
  11. J

    Did anyone...?

    Eb Games
  12. J

    who is your Favourite order XII member

    Axel of course
  13. J

    Zero Cards

    I never out them in my deck but they are handy