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  • I'll look into it, most definitely. It sounds interesting.

    Well, every little bit counts. Just try and make intelligent posts, help out once in a while, and you'll get rep. That's what happened to me.
    Good idea. You shoul;d try to raise your post count a bit. FI can be distracting.

    XD My club is loaded with newbs. I don't differentiate or alienate by post count. If I like you, I like you.
    We mostly just act stupid. FI is the only place you can act like a complete fool on here and only fear partial oppression. Our mods are assholes but, we love them for it. <3

    Basically I could say it's a group of people I like and get along with.
    Lol. <3

    I love everyone. <3

    I have a fanclub ,3

    The power to give increases with the power you have. I have 14 now, so if I repped someone right now they would receive 14 points.

    Lol, I seek out people and you post at one of my favorite threads.
    It's cool, from what I can tell you catch on quickly.

    I'm very popular. :$

    Lol, 13 are from me. You'll get more though.

    I really, like you now. >:3
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