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  • I dislike this as well, since in my opinion as long as there is consent on both sides and no minors (meaning children under the age of consent) involved so-called "religious" leaders or politicians have no right to dictate who gets together with whom and what those people do (privately) in their beds, regardless of gender-combination.
    That's why it's called "rare" and "preference", lol, my preferenced attraction is to girls, but rarely there might be some to boys. ;P
    Lol, in some cases I might even agree with that.

    Neat and orderly, yep.
    Yeah, I really meant that. ^__^
    I normally am though, for example, you're like the fourth person around here who knows my real name. I am normally cautious and in RL very observative and most times only speak after analyzing a situation.
    "kinda' sweet"...jeez...don't flatter me like that, rofl.

    Yup. :D
    Sadly, in some regions people are still forced to hide because of narrow-minded idiots and unfair laws. Especially in regards to sexual preferences.
    Indeed, that's the main gist of it, although there may be rare swings towards the other way. ;)

    You mean the "view conversation" tab? *ggg*
    Hahaha, you're really very outgoing, I like that. Supplements my somewhat rather reserved, observative personality.

    Gladly delivered, new friend. <3

    Yep, that's what I consider myself to be. No need to hide it. ;)
    I see, so that would mean we're practically in mirror-categories. ^__^
    All nice stuff...good to get to know a wide variety of people.

    Heh, for this there are the quote-tags, and if stuff gets private one can use a PM.
    I am not in any social network since I am a bit zealous about my private data, if we need something more secluded we may later on exchange e-mail addresses (and didn't Google mail also have a chat-function?), lol.

    In the end you'll just do what fits you best and is satisfying enough. ^___^
    That's real diligence I see there, good thinking. ;)
    Nice to meet you, too! :D
    Oh, I'm glad, then! We get more time to talk, after all.
    I agree, his character is so well written and his struggles and differences from Sora make him so appealing and it really makes him stand out to me.
    Yep, on that I am also honest and have nothing to hide. (I also read that category 0 and 6 are normally very rare, but many people don't have the guts to place themselves in 1 to 5).
    Category 1 just fits my perspective of my own sexuality best, which means that while I have a strong preference for girls I won't rule out some rare attraction to a boy as well, like a 90%/10% deal, lol.
    I think it's also called "bi-curious" or "heteroflexible" sometimes.

    That was on the "smart" compliment...I tend to get a tad flustered easily. ;P

    Indeed. I concentrate on one story at a time to give it my full attention as well.

    Thank you. I enjoy some good conversations, as my plethora of VMs might indicate. Hehe.

    Ah yes, the Design side...would in any way not require too much grammar. XD
    Oh, okay, see you later, then!

    Haha, I love Roxas, too. He's my favorite male in Kingdom Hearts. He's just so awesome and easy to sympathize with, right?

    The only other one on there that I really know is limeadelily, but they all seem great.

    Oh, well, hi, Jake. I'm Zaria
    Oh, hehehe, you accidentally answered on your own profile page...then I don't get a note that a new message is here. ;)
    Guess we are alike in that area then. ^__^
    That's of course understandable...there needs to be a certain period to build up trust. Sharing one's deep issues with people you don't know for longer is also not advised I would say.

    Geez, no problem, you seem also like a quite nice guy. :)
    Uh, yeah...maybe a bit. *grins*.
    So I guess you do know about what the Kinsey-scale is? Lol, I actually agree with the proposal that the "categorization" of sexuality in just the three common "labels" is not sufficient enough, that's why I tend not to overly use them.
    Grammar is something that can be improved I would say. ;)
    A journalist...also a pretty interesting job. Are you aiming for the editorial team or outside?

    Wow, hihi, you're a really dedicated Roxas-lover, huh? I'm also very fond of him, so don't let yourself get fooled just because I like Ven, Sora and Namin? a little tad more. ^___^

    You write as well? Yay, another similarity between us...as I do too. I am in the very middle of chapter 42 of my own (very big tale). It's up to chapter 19 here and up to chapter 3 on FF.net.
    I'll take a look at yours on the next weekend. ;)
    Sorry I took a while to get back to you; I had to go somewhere.

    I'm glad you hear that you like it here! There are lots of great members to talk to and threads to see. Oh, you put in a request for a signature?

    Sure, I'll send you a friend request.
    No, I don't have a tumblr... Sorry.

    Yes I am quite open it's part of me, I don't figure the need to be reserved as such unless it's about my issues. Hahaha!

    Nice to meet you, I appreciate you sharing your name, and oh wow, pretty darn smart then I guess! I am studying to become a Journalist although my biggest error and flaw - my grammar - would probably state otherwise.

    Roxas will always be my favorite I have just posted my Roxas based fan-fiction on here about a minute ago, I am hoping for some critique from fellow members, hahaha!

    That would take a while, lol, although I guess I can try to give a slight overview.
    What I mean with open is mostly akin to open-minded. I refuse to adhere to most stereotypes or antiquated rules and norms that discriminate people because of lifestyle or such.
    Same goes for stuff like prefabricated gender-roles (i.e. women should stay in the kitchen and stuff like this) or religions when they are forced upon people. I have no problems with religions in general if they remain private, but I do if proponents of a religion try to enforce it on the populace.
    Most of this I suspect comes from reading so much. *ggg*

    Oi, jeez, you're also pretty open abou stuff I see, hehe. Already with real name.
    Guess I give mine then as well.
    It's Marcel. Heh, a French name for a German dude, lol.
    I'm 26, born in December, Software Developer, err... Kinsey-scale category 1 if you know what that is, lol and have several KH-favorites.
    I do have a ranking yet most of them are occupied by several characters I like equally much:
    1. Sora, Ventus, Namin?
    2. Roxas, Riku, Aqua, Terra
    3. Vanitas, Mickey

    Haha, alright. I am nice...most of the time.
    I am also very tolerant and open in several areas. ;)

    That comes over time, don't rush it, lol. I didn't get all those people on my list in the first two months.

    Nope, sorry. :D
    Greetz new buddy.

    It's my standard question what gives me the honor for the friend request so I'll better shoot it right away. ;)
    Haha, no need to apologize, considering I could be wrong here. Plus, I know you meant well and it's not like you did anything bad at all. ^^ So don't worry about it at all. :D

    Are you enjoying the site so far?
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