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  • Probably for another hour if I can manage, lol.
    I'm on since around 1.00am, busy answering VMs, but I also want to get a bit further with my current Fanfic-chapter. ;)

    Plans? Err...being half-lazy and half-dedicated to writing. ^__^
    Also have to get a haircut tomorrow, but that's the only "duty" I have this WE.
    Request sent, belly full and RP funny. Could life get any better than this? Oh right! Tobacco!
    I can say that I do have a facebook though. ...But then again I really just use it for events and what-not.
    I think that I did, I just forgot the email and password that I used for it. I only posted a few things.
    For you it would be going crazy, but for me it would be going sane. I've already reached some of the points of insanity.
    Work had gobbled me up quite much today, lol.
    So I had to do the stuff I originally wanted to do at late afternoon today at evening. <__<

    But now it's luckily weekend, whew.
    Tell me about it. I saw so many random danced for the same exact song, and even got to see my mom's webcam do the Macarena, or however you spell it. That's when I knew it was time to hit the sack.
    Wait until you hear what it was for. I was on youtube watching Numa Numa videos back when they were still popular.
    That's nothing. I used to be able to stay up 72 hours at a time. But then I start seeing things.

    Friends call me Lane.
    The 24 hour job thing is just me staying up that long. If anything, I watched a few kids. It was not fun.
    I'm not sure how I'll be with them. This will be my first time being here while a new game releases, so I don't know what it will be like...

    By the way, I like that tumblr! J'adore Roxas. <3
    (Oh, that explains why you hadn't sent back a VM- my message didn't go through for some reason. Huh, how odd.)
    Response to first message: I don't know what I'm going to do! To spoil or not to spoil... I want to keep the game a surprise for when I get to play it, but I'm so, so curious as to how it'll all go down... must... avoid... spoilers...

    Response to more recent message: Aw, thanks! I think you're doing a good job of becoming known around here with all your posting throughout the forums. Hehe, you'll be well-known in no time.
    I agree, and Xion meeting Sora would be great. She'd probably have so much to say to him, this boy she sacrificed herself to go back to, without even truly "knowing" him. And Roxas would be ecstatic to get to sea Lea and Xion again.
    Well, it's the dream realm, so perhaps that will be possible.
    I'm hoping so, although I'm not sure if they'll be exactly "physical" in there. Perhaps a manifestation of some sort?
    It surely seems to get better with every passing decade I would say.
    Many of the freedoms people with sexual preferences other than heteronormative already have nowadays would have been unthinkable in the 1960s or 1970s.

    Yep, indeed. It also helps tremendously for gaining broader general knowledge.

    Judging by the amount of messages we already accumulated we hooked up somewhat, so I think the word would be justified. ^__^

    Help...because I don't like getting flattered so much. I don't think I am that special.
    In a good way, as you seem to have a very outgoing personality with a positive base attitude. That's what I took note of. ;)

    It's already night again, but luckily tomorrow is Friday and then weekend. No work there so I can stay up as long as I want. :D
    (And also get down to answer some of the longer VMs I still haven't answered yet.)
    Sorry I took long to respond again! Sometimes I'm just slow...
    A whole year, his best friends, all taken from he because he was never be to exist.. but yet, he did exist, and he wasn't completely Sora. So having to go back despite not being exactly the same makes it so sad, because he's not him anymore. He's lost his free will, his ability to decide for himself... ;~;
    That would probably the pinnacle of it I would assume.
    If we look into history though, like abolition of slavery or women's rights...all things had to take their time and changed only slowly.

    Hehe, thanks. I was also plenty confused first but my natural interest in reading helped to remedy that rather fast. Then I was actually relieved I didn't put myself into the common three-way categories.

    If you start to get annoying I'll hint at it with friendly words. ;)

    Uh yeah, that one. Since you gave yours I somehow felt compelled to return the sign of trust.
    It's okay, that's what friends also for. ^___^

    You're really someone to take note of, hehe.

    I really don't like to say it now...but I am already way over my time (2.15am) and since I have work again tomorrow (or rather today), I'm afraid we need to make a break here.
    My next answer will then be severely delayed until next evening. :(
    I'd just wish that the majority of society would see it that way, although one has to admit that at least in Europe we're apparently on a good way to more tolerance.

    Nah, it's ok. If girls don't "click" with you at all then there shouldn't be a forced interest. It would be the same as when I would go and say I only and exclusively like girls, which may be even true in 8 of 10 cases, and deny my slightly existing bisexual side only to fit in.
    I also won't go the other way around of course and say "hey I'm bisexual" since then I would also be dishonest as I have not the same level of attraction to both sexes.

    Oi, so everything must have its order or you get nervous?

    You're flattered? From what? Lol, I didn't think I have such an impact just by talking...

    Argh...enough! Who are you calling sweet here? If that goes on I'm gonna get red. XD
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