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Recent content by jaded wolf

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    the final farewell

    i seen this coming from afar, but i didnt think it would come this soon. friends had lied, and died before my eyes, but i felt no pain. i will look down on this fair place with the watchful eye i usually choose to keep shut. shut from the danger, happiness, sadness, heartbrache, mistakes of the...
  2. J

    The Best Sight Ever!!!

    ....... i cant stand waitng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. J

    The Best Sight Ever!!!

    nope, go to gamestop.com and check it out!, its on front page
  4. J

    The Best Sight Ever!!!

    i wuz just there, but it says 7hrs, 53min, 25 secs. for the shipment to come for here in na
  5. J

    Guess that song!!!!!

    well it is like the title says. Rules: You put down a line from your song and next person guesses. Whoever gets it right gets next turn. If no one can guess it, put down one more line. If no one still gets it, put the answer down and go again... I'll go first. "I'm the son of Rage and love!"
  6. J

    Iz being spoiled going 2 deeply affect you when getting/playing kh2?

    me personally, me being spoiled makes me want to play it more
  7. J

    Kh2 Voices

    Well when I say He, I say he..... For it is my version. Rioting no...... let's riot on the forum insanity site
  8. J

    Kh2 Voices

    We must..... he who knows nothing, can understand...nothing
  9. J

    The Story Behind The Organization XIII

    neither have I. Good find though
  10. J

    Kh2 Voices

    .....wow........I can't even say anything........
  11. J

    Make up your Own KH2 World!

    Star wars world Sora is a jedi Donald is a guard And goofy is Jar Jar-binks Ur friends can be luke, han solo, or anakin skywalker ur boss would be darth vader or darth maul or count duukuu The ideas are endless the world would be called "In A Galaxy Far Far Away"
  12. J

    Are there any secret bosses in KH2

    of course.... but put it in spoiler box
  13. J

    Keyblade war:Aftermath Fanclub!

    Hey guys, this is for anyone who loves the fanfic Keyblade war aftermath. This is for people who absolutely loved this fanfic. If you haven't read it.....READ IT!!!! U get free cookie and badge with joining
  14. J

    Keychains and there worlds in kh3

    This is not a what worlds would be in kh3 forum. but it is related In kh3 there will most likely be a keyblade war, will they put in the worlds that the keychains are from. I mean Nomura can't put all the worlds in, and it would really effect the storyline.