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    the final farewell

    i seen this coming from afar, but i didnt think it would come this soon. friends had lied, and died before my eyes, but i felt no pain. i will look down on this fair place with the watchful eye i usually choose to keep shut. shut from the danger, happiness, sadness, heartbrache, mistakes of the...
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    Guess that song!!!!!

    well it is like the title says. Rules: You put down a line from your song and next person guesses. Whoever gets it right gets next turn. If no one can guess it, put down one more line. If no one still gets it, put the answer down and go again... I'll go first. "I'm the son of Rage and love!"
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    Keyblade war:Aftermath Fanclub!

    Hey guys, this is for anyone who loves the fanfic Keyblade war aftermath. This is for people who absolutely loved this fanfic. If you haven't read it.....READ IT!!!! U get free cookie and badge with joining
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    Keychains and there worlds in kh3

    This is not a what worlds would be in kh3 forum. but it is related In kh3 there will most likely be a keyblade war, will they put in the worlds that the keychains are from. I mean Nomura can't put all the worlds in, and it would really effect the storyline.
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    Kingdom Hearts: The war of all wars

    It's been 3 years since ((KH2)) The XIII order appeared. Now there is a war raged between all keyblade masters known to life. Only a group of 8 shall end the war in peace, while a another group shall end the war in violence and death. If something is not done, Everything shall disappear with no...
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    The Andy Malonakis Fan club

    I got peas on my head,but don't call me pee head I got beez on my head, but don't call me bee-head I got bruce Lee's on my head head, but don't call me Lee head
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    ps3 kh3

    Hey, if you saw the secret ending for kh2 (not giving anything away), but if you did do you think Kh3 will be for the Ps3. I mean c'mon the secret ending movie graphics looked mind blowing in fact it may have been real in front of green screen, but it was awesome. Including the graphics for FF7...
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    The keyblade war

    I saw the secret ending of KH2 on this website
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    War of the worlds

    Long ago a peace treaty was signed between worlds, but will only stand as long as the orca is alive. The orca died 1000 years ago, and the worlds are at war again. the decendent of the orca is missing. If he or she is not found it could mean the end of the universe. Rules No god modding No one...
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    Rate a person's sig.

    Well here u just rate the person's above u's sig. Pics don't really count Mine is below
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    System of A down

    It explains it self
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    Green Day

    This may have already been done I think, but u can never have enough green day
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    The heart Society

    This a group for all those who love to RP. There is only 16 more Spots so hurry up 1.Jaded wolf 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.
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    KH: End of the Worlds

    It is a dark time over the kingdom. Sora is missing. Ansem is taking over the worlds Riku is searching for Sora The keyblade is in the hands of another The one world is in danger Template: Name: Age: Weapon:keyblades up to a minimum of 6, I own one) Name of weapon:optional) Appearance: Bio...
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    KH2 Abilities

    I don't know if there was one like my thread, but do you think we'll get to keep the same abilities from KH1?