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  • Hey

    Hey Joe,

    can i submit a character that will appear in your re:eek:rg xv fic somewhere down the line...?
    Server is here:

    No need for Hamachi, or anything else. Just copy and paste.
    For some reason, the server's default spawn is under water, so it seems like it's going slow at first. I think that might be the problem your having.
    Well, I don't know why it'd be doing that. :/
    It's working fine for my other friend.
    Well, there should be three drop down menus at the top. "System" "Network" and "Help". Join Existing Server should be under Network.
    Hehe, Well, because I couldn't do it the normal way a server is hosted, your going to have to do some things first.
    Make an account here.
    Then, after you make the account, download Hamachi from here,

    Then, when you install (it doesn't take much memory) go to "Join Existing Server".
    The Network ID will be: luapMineCraft
    The Password: luap911

    Then, once you join the network on Hamachi, open Minecraft, and join this server:
    LOL you have no idea how much I freaked out when I saw 3 VISITOR MESSAGES IN MY INBOX WHOA. It's like I suddenly got popular.

    But alriiiight. You weak soul. <> Not sure how much I'll be on, maybe dad wants us to go driving again and we are leaving early in the morning for amusementparkshenanigans, so. c:
    I have a massive favor to ask you. Can you give me the link to homestruck? If it's the thing that I'm thinking of I had it once but it got lost ages ago.
    shitletsbeassassins by ~luffyrox243 on deviantART

    joe you're a fan of them now, right? <:
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