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  • I am rather uncertain as to what exactly "tonight" constitutes for you, so I will just remain on for a while, I guess. I mean, I was going to anyways, but... yeah. Now you know, I guess.
    Hey, I have an idea for a post, but it requires you to get on Trollian. If it's too much trouble, I can always go with another idea of mine, but I figured that I might as well try and contact you before giving up on this one.
    Wanna play some yugioh? I made a new deck on DN and haven't lost my last 10 duels. I wanted to see if you could beat it.
    Okay, thank you! I figured it would probably be soon, but now I know what I need to wrap up, etc.!
    Sorry to be a total bother and all that, but... well, I'm curious as to when Hivebent + will be starting... seeing as you said that you were working on the OP a while ago. I mean, I'm just curious, so... well, sorry to be a bother.
    Sorry I had to get out of our duel, I had to go to school *Curses under breath*
    I hope we can have another battle sometime
    Your last chapter in The ORG was addfhdjflkdjfd jafslkdjf dsa awesomtastic <3. You make Noraxeen look all cool and stuff ;-; , Thank you very much =3./ nonsensical rant

    I wish the actual rp was as cool as that ! I can't wait to see what you have in store for the next chapters, Joe-kun :D
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