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  • No. The first one should be one sentence. Use commas when saying she said he said blahblah and stuff like that. It's all one sentence Joooooe aaaah.

    "You're probably going to see yours light up soon," she said, acting proud.
    This is all one sentence.
    Whereas conveniently, the 2nd sentence can be fine on its own I think because it's two actions. Saying it, then grinning.
    I'm going to scribble on this during work tonight but first

    Which one's punctuation is wrong and which one can be considered okay? c:
    Oh, wow! I just noticed that review you put up in my TWEWY fic last week. Thanks a ton!
    *goes to read it*
    Heh, I really should just check that. I get too frustrated and just don't post if my subscribed threads aren't posted in.
    oh you're using the new one? yeah idek the one with the ads for the game is really bad. and i don't like where the new one that the members are making is going.
    Hahaha, no, it didn't.
    I was just busy with things of no actual importance for a few days which threw off my internet time by a large amount.

    Either way.....I guess the abundance of catchpalogging will come in handy...Maybe...in the near future. I mean, Jake has to have something in that large space in his deck.
    Either way, it's been a while, yes.
    Hahaha, I suppose there's some sort of wedging in I must do before returning back to the Yugioh fandom, eh? I mean all of this seems very above the things I'm used to seeing in the series, so, it must probably be something I can catch up upon whenever I need a good story.
    Did you just...
    Did you just name a trope?

    Oh, baby girl, I am falling even more in love with you than before.
    But, yeah I heard about the movie(And I saw the abridged version of it because I heard that the movie wasn't...all that good...although I still sort of want to see it to see my precious Yugi-babbu again.)

    All this talk of "Alternate doomed timelines" is making me flashback to Dark Shadows.
    Or Homestuck.
    Either, or really.
    Except Dave never had to fend off zombies while running up a staircase with a vampire to a parallel timeline.
    God, that would be awesome.
    Hussie needs to do that.
    I have to admit, I laughed uncontrollably at, "Memorabelia whore".

    I'm just slightly disappointed but, meh, it's not the end of the world. Even if it is a comic about the end of the world.

    Weird timey-wimey things, eh? If it's for the sake of playing a children's cardgame with a demon possessed teenager, then it's supposedly legit. By anime-logic standards, anyway....
    That is normally how it is; isn't it?
    The Japanese are funny like that.
    I have to apologize for the long wait, I was unable get online last night. Things sort of got in the way(My cat, my tumblr roleplay, ect.)

    But, yes, I had only read the first series in manga form and still am a huge fan of it.

    I do, however, wonder how Atem came back for GX(Or at least I heard he did which could make it a complete rumor). I figured you can answer that question for me just for curiosity's sake.

    Damn, Hussie isn't going to sign any more books. And it was going to be my only birthday present, too. That is unfortunate. I suppose I'll just get an unsigned, undoodled-in, comic.
    Gah, I apologize. There are so many girls named Izayoi and well, Touhou being more popular, was my first guess.
    I do know who you are talking about, though. If only I ever watched the other parts of Yugioh besides the first two Manga series. I've been planning to read the others but, merde, I haven't gotten around to such, yet.
    I suppose the manga of GX and 5D's are very good, yes?

    Also, are you planning on buying the Act 1 comic of Homestuck? I might even get mine signed and doodled in by Hussiepappa.
    I figured you would notice the reference. It was just nice seeing another Homestuck fan somewhere outside of tumblr.
    By the way, your username....does it happen to be after Sakuya Izayoi?

    Silly Izayoi, your birthday cake should still be in your home (hopefully if someone hasn't already eaten it)
    ajkdsfjlkdajfaflkjdf ohohoho YES! 83

    ilu c:

    Time to do what I'm best at x3, anticipating :3 ...
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