• Spoiler tag your spoilers, please. That includes all unknown content from the DLC that was not shown in trailers or discussed in pre-release interviews.

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  • Hey sorry about that took a late nap :p

    I am doing good too :) cant wait for my KH3D order to get here. To be honest I am really nervous in hoping i get the MoM ed. cause everyplace has been sold out and i just ordered my copy from toysRus on the 28th >,<
    Not much, you just have to wait for one of the artists to take your request and finish it.
    Graphics Shops Go here, and click one of the threads and ask for a picture like the ones in mine. Someone can make one for you
    What pictures? The ones in my signature and avatar? If so, I had someone make it down at one of the graphics shops at the bottom of the forums. You can go there and ask any of the great artists for a tag if you want to!
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