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    Unpopular Opinions About Chain of Memories

    Loved the storytelling in re:com. Was a shame that they made the gameplay so repetitive - had the potential to be one of the best Kingdom Hearts games.
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    Master Xehanort's Return in 3D

    1) According to Yen Sid, MX had prepared multiple plans to ensure that he would not fail. MX said himself that his plan in BBS was misguided and now he has returned to his true mission of joining 13 darkness' and 7 lights. (I know it's really flimsy storytelling, but this is what Square has...
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    Donald and Goofy D-Links are pointless

    \\\/// All D-Links are pointless \\\///
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    Play 358/2 Days Before or After KH2?

    Rule of thumb: just play the games in order of release, not chronological order. Additionally, I prefer playing KH2 before 358/2 Days because of Xion. Playing Days second creates a sense of dramatic irony, as it becomes even more apparent that literally everyone has forgotten about Xion...
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    Re:CoM looks worse on PS4 than it did on PS3!

    Re: CoM looks worse on PS4 than it did on PS3! Does it really look that bad? I don't have 1.5+2.5 on PS4 yet so I wouldn't know. Do you have any footage comparing the PS3-PS4 versions of re:COM. I'm still not sure whether it's worth buying, and if it's as bad as you say it is, I might not bother.
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    Anyone else irked a bit at 0.2?

    And that's cool, it's definitely a subjective topic. Personally, I wouldn't say it ruins Blank Points, but it certainly lessens its impact in my mind. But I'm glad you could play 0.2 and still enjoy those other instances I mentioned <3
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    Anyone else irked a bit at 0.2?

    I think, that in an attempt to create fanservice scenes, Square inadvertently created discrepancies without even realising it. To link back to the main topic of this thread, that 'fanservice' was the biggest problem in 0.2 (for me at least). Square was trying waaayyy too hard to make sure that...
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    Anyone else irked a bit at 0.2?

    Sorry my bad, I'll make sure to contain everything in one post <3 Yeah I guess I am comparing apples to oranges, but it all just seems too good to be true. It's too convenient that person A and B forgot all about Ven but character C seems to remember everything. There's just too many holes in...
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    Anyone else irked a bit at 0.2?

    Hahahha nononononono I'm not hating on DG for the sake of it I love my boys ❤ I just honestly think that their mild lack of intelligence led to them forgetting about Ven. And I can definitely accept that argument. But then that begs the question, how can Xigbar remember Ven even though he only...
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    Anyone else irked a bit at 0.2?

    I never said that Sora ever knew anything about what Ven looked or sounded like, I'm talking about the characters that actually met him in a non-metaphysical sense. Sora has never physically met Ventus and would probably call him Roxas upon 'meeting' him the first time UNLESS his heart 'tells...
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    Anyone else irked a bit at 0.2?

    TBH I would not be surprised if Donald and Goofy encountered Ven in KH3, and just went "HEY AREN'T YOU THAT FELLA FROM DAT ERRR 10 YEARS AGO?" If that ever happens I will honestly cry :')
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    Anyone else irked a bit at 0.2?

    Yeah it seems fair when you put it that way. I guess the only reason the connection didn't click is because Donald and Goofy are thick as bricks. If you take into account their shortcomings, yeah it stands to reason that they would conveniently forgot about Ventus. But honestly, if it were any...
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    Anyone else irked a bit at 0.2?

    The fact that they didn't recognise Yen Sid's tower confirms that there's an obvious plot hole concerning Donald and Goofy's memory, and just goes to show how sloppy Square can get with plot consistency :') The "oh they forgot" excuse just doesn't cut it for me. The Twilight Town photo is a...
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    Anyone else irked a bit at 0.2?

    Although I might've been a bit tough on Donald and Goofy, they both should be able to draw the connection between Ventus and Roxas. They encountered Ventus for long enough in BBS to at least remember his face, after all, they did entrust Mickey's life with him. And in terms of seeing Roxas...