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    Question aout heartless in 358/2 days

    Guess thats what happens when the question of the thread is answered in 2 to 3 posts lol ^_^;
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    Question aout heartless in 358/2 days

    I'm sure its a new heartless which is good :) always up for something new
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep So Far

    Re: Kingdom Hearts BBS is about Xehonart ^ Pretty much ended the thread right there
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    what do you think the title BBS has to do with the characters?

    ^ pretty much a thread ender
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    BBS Game Theory (DONT FLAME ME!!11)

    Yes but unfourtunantly he continues to add to his theories -_- ...
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    Sora..MAKE UP YOUR MIND...

    Probably kairi ... i dunno its just ,... its a game with disney chars ... probably no gay aspects in it (not that there is anything wrong with being gay)
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    BBS Game Theory (DONT FLAME ME!!11)

    That still dosent explain anything ,,. you still have to give us a legitimate reason upon which VAT would even give parts of their hearts away in the first place.... And in no way am i trying to flame or whatever, im just trying to make sense of this whole thing
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    BBS Game Theory (DONT FLAME ME!!11)

    That has to do with anything you said ... how?
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    BBS Game Theory (DONT FLAME ME!!11)

    I wouldnt really like a game were the whole point was running away from the antagonist ... dosnt seem like a good game idea to me ...
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    hardest boss

    Riku replica ... IV I belive it was ... I think i was stuck on that boss for awhile ...
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    Best Man For Larxene. Axel or Marluxia?

    Not to sound like a fanboy but I dunno i've felt that axle and larxene have had a connection y'know?
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    That was probably my least favorite part of the game, not being able to customize riku's decks. I died alot with Riku lol (yeah I suck at the game ...)
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    i need suggestions

    I was never good at deck managment but i used a lot of high number cards and zero's, had at least 3 cure cards or more, 2 potions, and a few heartless/enemy cards. But im not very good at COM so *shrugs* i dunno
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    The World Ends With You | It's A Wonderful World

    Didnt know that i'll give it a try, thanks
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    King's Letter

    Yeah its most likley a plee for help or somthing *shrugs* who knows?