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    I have a few questions about Kingdom Hearts III.

    I'm surprised there are people who can't find any joke even on its own. Like Riku momentarily pictured Aqua as the kind of happy-go-lucky idiot goofball who'd have a tea party with Groucho glasses in the immediate aftermath of heart-threatening danger.
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    News ► Tai Yasue talks about Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind in Twitter Q&A

    Whoever translated that missed the part that mentions Double Form in the first Q/A.
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    KH3 References

    I'm unsure myself; I just wrote down what's shown in the video. It could go both ways, and "wizard" and "sorcerer" aren't exactly the most unsynonymous words.
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    KH3 References

    Station of Awakening The tutorial has shot-for-shot references to the opening and first Darkside battle of KH1. "There are seven hearts to save" - Sora has to save seven hearts in the Final World (Riku, Aqua, Goofy, Donald, Ventus, Mickey, and Axel). Olympus "I was a little off again. Sorry!"...
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    New theory says the Nameless Star isn't any KHX character, but another character we've seen and thought nothing of.

    Nomura said the Nameless Star was a character who already appeared in the series as a whole, not specifically before KH3. By the time we reach the Final World, we've logically already seen the cast of Verum Rex, so that doesn't discount her.
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    New theory says the Nameless Star isn't any KHX character, but another character we've seen and thought nothing of.

    Just today, Reddit user UnboundMonado posted a theory about the Nameless Star's possible identity that's just about persuaded me it isn't Marluxia's sister, Strelitzia. It's the girl from Verum Rex. Nomura says Sora knows the name of the guy she's waiting for. Well, if the girl was...
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    ReMind Discussion Thread

    Well, she's evidently using a Shotlock in the second half of the "Holy $#!+ Kairi's playable" footage. That's all the explanation we need about that part, because Shotlocks, am I right?
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    ReMind Discussion Thread

    Kairi being playable and showing us her full potential as a keyslinger beyond bonking a few Shadows is a dream come true, but I'm concerned there won't be much in-story justification for how and why she can kick so much ass at the point she gets to do so. Or maybe her getting kidnapped was full...
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    News ► Makio Inoue, Japanese Voice Actor for Master Eraqus, Passes Away at Age 81

    He was actually just barely under 81; his birthday would've been the next day.
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    News ► Rumour: Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Trailer Coming Next Month, New Difficulties Teased

    Correction: the poster said it's with the Flantastic Seven, known as the "Seven Purins (Puddings)" in Japanese (a pun on "Seven Princesses").
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    Possible KH3 ReMind reddit leak

    I take all leaks with a grain of salt. As far as I know, only Riku, Aqua, and Roxas are selectable in these parts.
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    Donald treats Marshmallow disgustingly in this game

    Well, keep trying. Being mean, rude, and teasing doesn't always amount to bullying. True bullying is done with the intent to hurt, to victimize someone and make them feel small while they make themselves feel big. Whenever Donald does it, especially in KH3, it's to keep Sora from getting too...
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    What is the best YouTube summary for the series?

    Just a Pancake's "in a Nutshell" videos. The creator is a dedicated fan, and they're very efficient and concise without skimping on the important things (or pointing out when things that seem important aren't really). Might I recommend viewing these in this order (and just make sure your sister...
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    How to stay alive in Critical Mode

    Critical Mode always halves your max HP and MP. In certain games, that's kind of all it does without any of the added benefits like KH2 and BBS give you, on top of making enemies even stronger than before.