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Recent content by iloveyou502

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    Fanfiction ► The Organization's Beginning (chapter 12 soon!)

    Re: The Organization's Beginning It seems good and also kind of funny. By the way, are you sure menacefully is a word?
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion Im getting a little sick of trying to piece together these tidbits Square keeps throwing at us. JUST RELEASE THE GAME ALREADY. And yes, I WILL play it in Japanese...
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion Well they said that they wouldn't be making large use of the touch screen for 352/2 so gameplay should be familiar. As long as it isn't the cards from COM im good. All COM was was pressing A. [ Nightmares] Yes, i know, i know much couldn't be expected...
  4. I

    358/2 Days - Summer 2008 in Japan

    This is good...my mom has just confirmed that she'll be getting me a ds soon, I probably get a PSP for my birthday, and I should have enough money saved up for a PS3 by time kh3 comes (if). I'll get to play it all, hopefully. except final mix. dammit. edit: I think that's just wishful...
  5. I


    Thoughts on chess...like it? hate it? like it but suck at it? favorite piece? favorite opening? think or know you can beat me? interesting stories?
  6. I

    Fanfiction ► Beginning of Destiny

    That was a great chapter, i like fuu. Oh sorry i havent been commenting I haven't even been on khi all that much. but i'm caught up now. mostly.
  7. I

    what FF characters in BBS?

    I wanna see Vincent Valentine and ofcourse Sephiroth. And Cloud. Maybe Leon. I don't want to see Selphie, Tidus, Wakka, Yuffie, or Aerith. They're too happy and they ruin KH's dark-quality.
  8. I

    Fanfiction ► Beginning of Destiny

    It's an inside joke. Well inside myself actually. I've noticed Haku reads like 90% of the fanfics. He's...something to be noticed. Spam over, yo.
  9. I

    Help/Support ► what should i get him for x-mas?

    Well we can't all be original. But you could always get him something girly as a joke. Like fuzzy pink socks.
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    Help/Support ► what should i get him for x-mas?

    Boxers! Thanks now I know what to get my boyfriend! I love you double M.
  11. I

    Fanfiction ► Beginning of Destiny

    Welp, you've officially been Haku'd. That's a good sign.
  12. I

    Fanfiction ► Beginning of Destiny

    That was pretty smooth allstar. The whole B&B witch thing... that was just flat out funny. Oh and this: I sense moderating in your near future.
  13. I

    Help/Support ► Love at First Sight?

    Exactly. That means he should be more into girls than he will ever be in his entire life.
  14. I

    Help/Support ► Love at First Sight?

    I think love at first sight is either just lust or admiration. I don't believe in an instant connection.
  15. I

    Help/Support ► Just a lil' bit

    Well just because someone doesnt say the words 'thank you' it may not necessarily mean that they dont appreciate your gesture. However, I think everyone experiences being unappreciated at one time or other its just one of those things. you shouldnt stress about it.