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  • Sup Ig :3

    Just wanted to say hi since we always talked on most days about the story plans we had before school got a good grip on me. By the by, got a clear idea on what the Nercadia world is like if you were wondering whatever happened to that project.

    So, how have you been?
    Don't sweat it buddy.I had a feeling it was either college stuff or because it was close to Christmas, lols.Thanks for this news Iggy.Now to go send a VM to Luffy saying that Iggy has this one(I don't need 200 wood, lols) and yes I asked him too just incase I didn't hear from you.By the way, you haven't heard anything about a Christmas Event in the Inferno have you? And thanks Iggy.
    Hey Iggy, it's been awhile since we talked hasn't it? So what have you been up to and how have you been? I also want to ask you something, when will your squad be picking up orders again in your squad store? I put an order down in your squad's store back on the 13th this month, and am wondering when orders will be picked up again, please tell me when you have a chance.Also, send me a VM when orders are being picked up again so I will know it is time to come pick it up.
    The thing is it's being based on stuff that were not properly translated. Look up different translations for the reports and you won't reach the same conclusions Grace did half as easily, mostly because he based it all on Grammar instead of the games' logic (which as I pointed out on numerous occasions - doesn't really add up and in fact seems silly if Namine had Sora's B+S).

    *patpats* we all do.
    A little tidbit.
    About the whole "it assumed a special form".
    I'd say that a Nobody being made up of just about nothing would consist of a special form - speaking about Kairi's Nobody as that sentence did and NOT Sora's B+S, mostly.

    Srsly. I fail to see why you support that theory so much. It doesn't add up at all. All you're doing is arguing grammar in secret reports that were known to be riddled with translation mishaps.
    Hokes Bluff is in the northern part of Alabama up in the top right hand corner of the state.But I don't know how close I am to him.Of course, some people like privacy and that's ok.But it would be nice to know where he lives to see how close he lives to me.
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