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Recent content by iforgot

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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    Why would you need luck? I mean my brother (who is 7) beat it, so did my grandma...and she has no arms!
  2. I

    It's Official KH2 is Amazing!

    maybe they'll put this on the main site!@@
  3. I

    It's Official KH2 is Amazing!

    I will not waste my valuable words. Look at this, http://www.gamestats.com/objects/550/550308/
  4. I

    is Axel DEAD!?

    okay someone said something about a stone??? If you could make that a lil bit clearer that'd be great. Oh yeah and why can't he exist as something else? I mean a regular person dies and becomes a nobody so maybe a nobody becomes... something else.
  5. I

    Small but noticeable glitch in KH2

    I know this one glitch where if you jump into a certain wall in hollow bastion the game freezes and you have to hard reset it. Only thing is I can't rember if it was KH1 or 2
  6. I

    KH2 Controls and Information

    In KH1 the triangle was used to have your team assist you when you were in danger of dying or when you wanted them to really attack or something. Do NOT dare flame me because I know this for a fact.So the kid may have meant this.
  7. I

    Trinities = Forms

    Hey do you think it is a coincidence that all the colors of the trinities correspond to all the forms? (excluding anti because it more like a transformation than a form)
  8. I


    Okay i replayed KH1 and I noticed that the kh2 riku looks kinda like ansem( the heart version not the body) any ideas what this could mean?
  9. I


    I don't know but is the colliseum back or what?
  10. I

    Favourite order XII member. (SPOILERS)

    Re: Favourite order XII member ( exept roxas) Guys letting people know that roxas is part of the organization... IS A SPOILER!
  11. I


    I was seriously wondering if ANYBODY knew all or at least some of Sora's abilities. Seriously here. Nobody knows?
  12. I

    About playable character in KH2

    so... then... they have like the tiniest parts on the game?
  13. I


    Can someone give me a list of all of Sora's abilities?
  14. I

    Good Songs?

    OHHHH! (damn i'm dumb)
  15. I

    Good Songs?

    hang on... where can I ACTUALLY download and save it to my computer? Because Blue lagun(w/e) only lets you listen to them