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  • Finally! Tsuna has a few moments like that~ If so then I must be a villain as well cause I feel the same way Byakuran does. xD
    It'd definitely do more than make toast with it. xD
    Theres so much more yet there's been nothing of it since it ended. The height of the series seems to have been the anime.

    Yes you do~ BLOOD! muwhahahaha
    That's not how a court would see it when you live in her house and never leave said house. xD
    Actually I am~ I has no strategy just post something. JUST POST YOUR FEELZ~ Tbh I could've swore you count decreases rather getting increases. xD
    Yes, yes you should've. Just look how many posts I got from the liveliness and I wasn't even trying. o3o If you had posted when it was hype you'd have lots more.
    Pffft if theft is that damning in next lives then the one I have after this will be a bitch. xD

    I'm not a fan of the doctors due to how much I see them. xD
    To hell with that waterfountain and it's refreshing goodnesss!
    A's are a lie. They are only popular cause their first~

    But writing is so much work~ xD
    It's been oddly cold here nearly all summer and now falls much cooler than normal for this month.
    Sadly I doubt we'll see a new reborn manga or anime. =[ Seemed to run out of steam by the end.
    Thankfully there is no recap chapter. xD

    Pssssssshhh I'll need proof before I believe that kinda statement~ :rolleyes:
    Your mom doesn't want you to starve to death or for her to end up in jail. xD
    lmao Taochan and Spockanort were still crying over that a few days later when I got so many posts in one day. xD My secret is I have none, can just find a comment to add to anything without making it spam. There was so many people the day before I was happy to see so much posting going on and got caught up in it, THEN learned why. xD
    I DUNNO! D'8 I must've been a douche in a past life or something.

    I know right. >_< I've been sick so often that a trip to the emergency slash doctor office in the next town was a yearly trip, every fall. I'd like to think it is, I don't get sick nowhere near as much as I used to. However I dread old age because my immune system will start to weaken again despite all the years of bulking it up. xD
    I don't that bitch gave me mono~
    Pffft Have no idea.
    Yes, yes it is offensive. D is like the abused step child of tests. Only rarely is it a right answer.

    xD Maybe another day, a motivational poster is just an invite for people that don't have any real problems to come bitch to me about stupid stuff like why a guy didn't answer a text or some shit.
    Global warming stopped Englands rain!? What if engalnd ends up a desert? D8
    That's cats still totally you~ &#55357;&#56838;

    What are you doing on tumblr when your trying to avoid spoilers? xD
    No one dies in the final chapter.

    Oh really~ How long has this diet been going on? Does this diet even cut out anything? xD Bet it's a McDonald's diet.
    I know. This year has so many games it hurts. D8 Though thanks to that contest I don't have to worry about buying 2.5~
    If karma follows through lives then what the hell have I done to get the luck I have now?! xD

    All kinds of viruses. Chicken pox, sinus infections yearly, allergic reactions that nearly killed me, and many other viruses I didn't know the name of but got me in emergency rooms. If it floated through town I had it.
    I caught mono off a water fountain. xD...Yeah that's my story, a water fountain. >u>
    I've also had flus such. o3o
    Let's hope not because with my luck I'll be the only one immune and then unable to have anyone to make cures fr my blood. xD
    Woo momma lol effort, suck it school!!
    D is rarely used or right.

    I'm good at advice sometimes~ Hells yeah!! Go originality!! Feeling proud is nice aunt its~
    I had a teacher that went to England once and he said it always rains. Does it ever stop raining?
    How is it going tonight? I did my first commission on deviantart for the first time and I am thinking about getting a costume for my cat, Mheetu. I am thinking about dressing him up like Sephiroth, of course I don't know how I will go about doing it. I am also getting a PS3 soon.

    How is it going tonight? I haven't been on lately.
    That cat is you incarnate at all times&#55357;&#56838;

    I could just tell you if you wanna know that badly~ xD

    Can't put it off forever. You'll eventually need to eat and require the money to do so. ouo
    Karma is only a bitch if you do bad things. Doing something that benefits but pisses people off don't count~

    Both. I've had many viruses and such. Even caught mono once.
    I don't know about my body but my immune system is a beast right now. xD
    Actually they did pay off, I always managed to pass~
    Because C is A and B's tie breaker in arguments. xD

    Nuuuuu don't panic! Do that different thing and enjoy it! The fact that your the only one shows how much of a tool the other students are~
    My weather needs to get off its pms.
    You as a kitty~

    Fear not his heart isn't in pieces, what that means though you'll just have to find out~ xD
    Pffft nah it doesn't end like that at all. xD

    So? You'll have to do one eventually to pay for things.xD
    The fun thing about what's good for people though is they tend to not think so~ xD
    There was one difference! My filters for swearing was off~ xD

    Hard to have a competition when one had zero. xD
    Lifes scary, that's why you got to be a dick when it's being a bitch. xD You won't find any mountains of money.

    I used to.
    My memory isn't that great or more like it's not hardwired for things like that. Memorizing for things in school was always impossible for me, I usually passed because I crammed before the class bell and cause I guessed.
    The exams here truly are mostly multiple choice. In fact you can usually pass said tests by putting down nothing but C because C is the most common answer.

    Meaning they lied like the douches they are as they do every year. I can't remember one thing in school ever being choice. xD
    It's actually storming again right now even though it's barely 45 degrees outside. x'D
    Nope. I'm not sure which I prefer myself. xD
    The way I see it better have him be awesome for one moment then possibly be drug out and made as annoying as normal lambo. xD
    You suuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee you don't wanna know?~
    xD The anime doesn't end to differently so don't worry.

    No. xD
    Oh come now you'll have to eventually! There's jobs with minimal talking.
    I'd be the kind of world ruler that is a dick but one you can't find many reasons to hate thus making me a very frustrating but effective one~ xD
    I was rather blunt for a while it would seem. xD Exactly!

    Still more than I got. xD
    That's something though! Any small shops to work at?
    Which dies all the same, trust me. ouo

    It's not talents I can use though! At most they only keep me alive! (and yes it's a miracle I'm alive xD)
    I wish I was really smart. ;u;

    Woot cram sessions always pay off~ Why is the 2nd semester so shit?
    It's trying to decide if it wants to be warm or cold so right now its cold outside but with lightning and thunder. xD
    I'm betting Hana myself. xD Future Haru is still to into Tsuna.
    I didn't mind myself, was never find of Lambo. xD
    You want to know but don't want spoilers? xD Then do you at least want to know if the arcobaleno get a happy ending? What did you spoil of the anime?
    Just wait till the manga, it definitely has good moments past the anime~

    Not to good cause no pay. xD
    Do you work yet?
    Laws I could rule the world with that power! Unlike malt of America I can't get high, I could rule them~
    They should've! I was apparently acting just like my uncle that died last December when I came out of recovery all drowsy. xD Told the nurses I felt like shit in front of everyone when they asked how I felt and everything.

    At least you had that. I never even had a dream to want. Never had a dream job, career or any such thing.
    Yes I've tried but so far I've found nothing. The limited options were I live doesn't help my search either. Don't you live near a big town to try?
    You should definitely try something at least. It's like dominoes, once you've tried that first job you just keep going from there. Just got to get over that nervousness of the first try. I've been out of school longer so trust me when I say things hardly, if ever, fall in your lap for you. TnT

    More like surviving the injuries is a talent. xD I think my luck is so bad because I use it all to live through injury and doctor visits. I don't know really, I feel I have no talent to be honest because I don't truly excel at anything. I either to alright or poorly on things.
    Usually people with talents like that will make a job that exploits the talent that have.

    How did college go btw?
    This took forever, having to use my phone cause some freak weather killed the Internet. xD
    lol My favorite part with Ryohei is when they're taken to the future and he goes into his future apartment. xD
    I'm not sure if 20yrs later Lambo comes back tbh. Dx
    Honestly I don't remember much of Haru so I doubt she had that much panel time to get worse. I didn't mind the last few arcs but I do recommend reading the manga were the anime leaves off just cause it's worth it. Plus I like the ending, at least one part of it, for the Arcobaleno.

    Well it got me off work at least, like 4 weeks. Dx
    Plus I've learned I can't be a drug addict. The painkillers most get high off of only made me very ill. xD I said fuck them and have been taking tylonal since I got home.
    The stuff they use to knock you out during surgery did a number on me though. I was so lost between awake and asleep I minds well be high. xD

    Psssh You'd be surprised how many are the same way. Those that always go on about their dreams are usually people that's always known what they want to do or are just very idealistic.
    I've taken vocational classes in high school, worked here and there I still ain't got nothing myself. I doesn't help that I lack talents of any kind other than injuries.
    I don't have a favorite character, they're all to funny. xD
    Yeah Lambo is annoying. =_=
    xD If you screamed at that then you should read the manga at the point the anime stops.

    It went well. I'm actually recovering rather fast, no presents though. xD

    Hmm sounds like your pondering things I have. I wonder what to do with life all the time but can't get anywhere.
    Psssh haunt as best you can blonde one~ Totally seen it and loved it! I read the manga though. Loved it from start to finish. ;A;

    I got a hernia somehow. =_= I have to be up at 4am tomorrow morning to go get it fixed.

    Why so down? D8
    Your alive!? And not only that but you have a Hitman Reborn avie!

    I'm fine I suppose, I have a surgery on the 2nd. xD
    How is Abbeeeeeeeee-gal~
    If you want me to. Unfortunately, my colleges web blocker usually keeps me from being able to see any of the tags that people post since they use DA and Imgur. So, you'd need to collect the tags. I can just tell you how to do it if you would like. You have the right idea, they steps for voting were simply wrong.
    Haha thank you :) It helps to have two computer monitors set up now. I can look at my old tags while I'm making new ones :D
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