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    News ► New Nomura Interview Incoming This Week!

    I seriously cant wait for all of this to just be bestowed upon us. Either a Kingdom Hearts HD Collection or Final Fantasy X HD Remake is extremely efficient for me, whichever comes first.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced! Amazon has a few more!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced But what about the Kingdom Hearts 3DS Special Edition "3DS"??? Is that coming out in America or is Square Enix not letting us have the privilege of that gift?
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    KH3D English Trailer Up!

    Im completely astonished by this trailer! The anticipation for this game has now definitely grown on me, and ill be having my money all set for July 31st. My only problem is that I don't feel that Haley Osment (Voice of Sora) did a good job with the voice acting for Sora this time around. With...
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    Dream Eater in VJUMP

    These "Dream Eaters" are going to be like our own Pokemon in Kingdom Hearts. You know everyone is going to try and "Catch Em All" lol.
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    Excited for Zone of the Enders: HD Collection!

    Are you guys excited for the the new Zone of the Enders: HD Collection? Its coming out sometime in the Fall! DO you think it'll have any secret links of scenes that'll lead up to any hint of the making of "Zone of the Enders: 3rd Runner?"<- (its just a speculated title, not official) Please...
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    70-Minutes of Gameplay Footage from Kingdom Hearts 3D!

    I WILL NOT WATCH THIS!!!! No Spoils for ME! lol
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    Whats Up Everyone!

    Whats up Everyone! My name is iC3 as you can notice. Im new to the forums but have been with the KHinsiders team/website updates for years. Been a fan of the website and the information given to its audience, this is mostly the only website I come to for KH information because it's mostly...
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    Need Help With Pre Order!!!!!

    I agree, just be patient. Once the KH3DS Bundle is hopefully announced in the NA you can pre-order then and there. Trust me, they'll have PLENTY of copies, their not going anywhere.
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    Official KH3D NA Release Date!

    Nothing Much To Say But Just This.....YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if the have a KH3DS Bundle like in Japan (KH styled 3DS), Imma Happy Camper!:biggrin:
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    KH3D tops sales charts

    Yeah I know, I just came across it and was just throwing my considerate two cents in the forum. It was nothing that much significant and different from the information already known.
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    KH3D tops sales charts

    Why yes it is Code Geass. I believe the yellow figure in the sig. is Lelouch's sister, Nanalie. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2012-04-04/kingdom-hearts-3d-sells-213579-in-1st-week Here's a link to an accurate list of the top 20 sells during the release of Kingdom Hearts 3DS
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    KH3D tops sales charts

    lol yeah sorry, I kinda let myself go on the keyboard but I was just basically saying possibly KH3DS will not sell as much in the US due to impatience of american fans but america will beat any other country's KH3 sales...hopefully. lol my guaranteed statement just suddenly went sketchy.
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    KH3D tops sales charts

    Kingdom Hearts 3DS will TRIUMPH over any other 3ds video game in the market in Japan and in the U.S. Im a little bit skeptical & shocked from what Sign mentioned earlier, stating Kingdom Hearts is more popular in the NA, than in Japan. I instantly presumed the franchise was more popular in...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D Release Round-Up! (Spoiler Free!)

    Cant Not WAIT to purchase the Kingdom Hearts 3DS Bundle in the NA!
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    Massive 15-page Famitsu KH3D Scoop + Dream World Nav images!

    NO SPOILERS FOR ME! Sorry but I will wait for everything at once.