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    ffx blitzball advice

    hi, im playing blitzball in the leauge match and im at 2nd place and one more game left for 1st place and 1st prize. the trouble is its against the luca goers and they are very good at pinching your passes or catching your shots. my team are in their lv.20's and my lead guy is lv.48. the 1st...
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    ideas for a game

    have u ever been bored when playing different games and thought 'how i wish i could be a game director' and make a game that suits u. its abit like where u play a musical instrument and your always playing other peoples composed ideas and then u get the urge to compose and do your own thing...
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    distance running

    not sure wether your gaming allows for free time lol but do u enjoy the distance running, wether its a 5 miler or a marathon or further. i used to run alot but gave up due to loss of interest and work and all that, but i have started running again and hoping to get back into it again. i actually...
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    ff type o hd reviews

    hey if you've played ff type O hd on ps4, could u give me a review of what its like? cheers. im currently enjoying the ffx/ffx2 remaster on ps4 but in a while ill be looking for something else to try. i heard ff type O has lots of party members and that it is playable offline single player. i...
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    fave drink at the pub

    what is your favourite drink at the pub or at home? i like doombar myself but dont mind lagers. i also like a captin morgan at times. years ago i used to love cider but kept getting stomach aches from it. its rather odd as i dont get any stomach aches from other drinks, its just cider that has...
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    older games feel better

    does anyone else miss the older games? its strange i mean so many buds have sold their ps4 or xbox one as they were not liking the games out. one of my buds went back to retro style n64 and started playing goldeneye again lol i used to love that on multiplayer years ago and also 1080...
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    which battle system u prefer?

    which ff battle system do u prefer? the basic stand still there and wait for turns like in ff8 for example, or do u prefer ffx where u can switch between characters but still have that stand there and wait system. or do u prefer ff12 where u can move around and flee quite easily. i think i like...
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    will ff12 get a remaster?

    i was hearing about this ages ago but time went by. its like it was just rumers on the net about ff12 remaster. i actually enjoyed ff12 doing those hunts and all that. the graphics weren't great but it had the normal levelling up system which i prefer compared to the ffx sphere grid style. did...
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    any ff ringtones

    do u have any ff songs on your phone to use as ringtone or to just listen to? i have oftern watch youtube to see where people do guitar covers of the ff songs :) brings back memories yeah. year's ago i would collect midi tones but lately get mp3's now. my ringtone at the moment is the ffx...
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    ffx2 remaster ps4 help

    hi on the ffx2 remaster on ps4 im struggling on cloister 100 on trema. any attacks just seem to be greatly reduced. also 'almighty shrina' i cant get enough damage in before its too late. im using a lv94 heavy sallet with mascot and the peerless grid. iv got him on auto haste and he attacks...