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  • Okay here i go.

    I summon Kaibaman and special summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon by sacrficing Kaibaman. 3000/2500
    And i set 4 cards turned down and end my turn.
    Unfortunately Shadow Punch is an illegitimate move for Shuppet and Banette. Kind of makes sense, though, don't you think? Shuppet has no hands to punch with. :p
    About that Shuppet. Since you want a Hasty-natured one, I presume you're looking to train a mixed sweeper. However, breeding a 6-IV Pokemon takes a whole lot of time, way more than breeding a 5-IV one. Is a physical sweeper Banette with 5 IVs (HP, Atk, Def, SpDef, Spd) an alternative?

    Edit: I've got something urgent going on that needs immediate attention and still haven't come back. I'm really sorry for the further delay, but do you mind if we trade at around 11am or 12pm your time?
    Took a bit longer than expected, but I've added you.
    I don't know, I've got all of them on my White 2. think I'm just going to wait for the pokebank. Unless you got any with their Hidden abilities? :)
    Hey I <3Kiari, I'll add your friend code when I get home, add mine if you want :) The more the merrier right? My FC is in my signature.
    Its alright smile I don't mind it :) nothing wrong with it :) I do play it but I do not know my friend code off by heart :) funny and smart XD you are very talented XD
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