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  • Oh, right. Sorry xD Lemme clear it now~~~
    Annnd done! :D
    Thanks for the heads up, you can reply to the PM now :D
    ok 2 wins for me and 1 win for you. Say now where doing this anyway can i trade with you my a Kadabra so i can get it back for a Alakazam?
    I summon Kaibaman and then special summon the Blue Eyes White Dragon by sacrificing Kaibaman. Then i turn up my faced down monster and its Old Vindictine Magician. I activated his effect and destroy your Mechanical Hound. Then i attack you directly with my Blue Eyes and my Magician and deal 3450 damage to your lifepoints, Im ready too.
    Lol, im not even a good duelist. There are so much ways to kill me. Maybe you should ask Zeke for advice ;) But yeah sure. You start.
    I use 2 Mystical Space Typhoons to destroy Spell Binding Circle and Ekibyo Drakmord to free my Montage Dragon and my Blue Eyes Ultimant Dragon. Then i attack your Zombyra with my Blue Eyes and deal 2400 damage to you and then i attack you too with the Montage Dragon dealing 9000 extra damage to you. So you are death now.
    Trye that but i already hit you once with 2 of my Dragons dealing 6000 damage remember. So that makes like... 4000 then... now... 1100 lp.
    Then i use Dark Bribe to stop Sakuretsu armor and still deal 2900 damage to you. And then you still died.
    O nice, you finally learned something. I activate Dark Bribe and stoped that Spell Card. So now i still killed you.
    Interesting. Ahh well, i synchro summon the Blue-Eyes Ultimant Dragon 4500/3800. And with that your ekibyo darkmord is worthless, right? And then i special summon the Montage Dragon by sacrficing the 3 God Cards 9000/0000. Then i set 1 card faced down. Then i attack- damn i hate those swords -_- I activate Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy your Swords of Revealing Light, then i attack your Bazoo the Soul Eater with my Blue Eyes Ultiamant Dragon and deal 2900 damage to you directly and then i attack you with my Montage Dragon directly and deal 9000 damage to your life points. And now you are death :)
    Course i wanna play that game, i like challenges >:D Anyway it will last for only 2 turns and then kill it. I got enough time then. I summon Kaibaman and special summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. And end my turn.
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT TOTALLY RUINED MY STARTEGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait it lasts till the end phase that card. Good he is back on my side again. I activate Iron-Scrap Scarrow and stop your attack. And my card is faced down again. Anyway, i summon Kaibaman and special summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragaon by sacrificing Kaibaman. 3000/2500. Then i attack you with both my dragons and deal 6000 damage directly to your life points and end my turn.
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