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    Save the King+, Save the Queen+

    yes i got the donal save the queen+ all you do is give it the the crystal that gives it a better version i forgot its name but you go to creation resyntanize the weapon but before you synthanize you give the thing a crystal that makes the quility or weapon better
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    secret ending

    what made you jump? and yeah maybe they are lazy to make keychains on them
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    secret ending

    LOL why? What?
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    secret ending

    Idon't know if this is old or not but i have just noticed that all the keyblades aren't really keyblades because keyblades have keychains on them and if you notice they don't have keychains on them so they may not be a keyblade or they may of forgot or those are some new weapons
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    see dark riku thats what im saying dating anime girls and games is dating data and just is like dating a computer
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    this is weird talking about dating data its just like roxas dating olette in fake twilight town lol. ok im gonna help u all by naming most of the girls and boys. GIRLS:Kairi. Selphie, Rikku, Paine, Yuna, Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie, Namine,Jasmine, Minnie mouse, aerial, belle, donald duck's...
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    Nomine & Kairi

    kairi's heart is in sora so if anything happens to sora like turning into a heartless kairi has the same thing like a nobody. Kairi and sora share a heart so thats why she has a nobody
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    from leon to cloud

    Yeah this is kinda pointless if it happens to unlock anything or give secrets stuff then it would be a good thread but its just a comment
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    i cant beat him i tried at lvl 48 and i got killd in one second i looked away and i got killed i was like wtf. Now im at lvl 54 and i still cant beat himi get killed in two attacks. SO I DON'T KNOW HOW ZEXION BEAT HIM HMMMM HOW DID YOU BEAT HIM? I'M AGREEING WITH FOSHIZZLE
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    beat kh2? then come here

    Who thinks that kh2 is too short or good or too long? I think it is too short to wait for a game i beat in 2 days that i've waited for about 4 years to play. 4 YEARS OMFG A SHORT GAME FOR 4 YEARS
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    What main character do you think has improved on Kh2?

    i'd say sora because in kh1 he attacked like only 5 times but in kh2 he has so much combos ive even found the perfect combo to keep hitting and staying in the air when there's an enemy
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    how do you get final form?

    same here right now im still stuck on xigbar cuz he keep doing that gay thing when he uses lke 1000 arrows and you cant even hit him over and over and i only am able to attack like twice every time. uh oh im getting off the topic yeah i got it while fighting xigbar
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    You may want to check at circuit city because i got some games there early like dragonball z 3 i think i got it on december 15 and it was going to be released on the 22 im waiting to see if they have it there because i saw them put this huge 5'4 board of kh2 game
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** My theory is that its sora kairi and riku as the soldiers but if you noticed in kh2 kairi had her own keyblade that looked like mickeys so dont tell it its mickeys keyblade
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    Namine name (may contain spoilers if you think about it)

    i just checked and i think im right am i?