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  • Because he is Sora's Nobody and because we will get bashed if we don't add him XD
    I don't know....maybe whoever creates the thread can mention the other...lol XD
    Okay ^^.
    I also have a version from Xion's point of view ((only 2 chapters so far though)) that's not in the forums yet but I can give you a link to it on fanfiction.net if you want ^^
    Uhhh...maybe >.>
    I want them to.
    But first I have to think of how to make it happen. And also I don't want to tell you spoilers about it xP
    Actually, I was thinking of not adding any Organization guy since it's not going to be a Organization Men Hurt/Heal lol except Roxas, he's a special case so he should be in....what do you say? Wanna create it? You and I are going to be the creators ^.^ sound good?
    Hmmm...that's sound like a good idea...but which characters would we add...cause there is a bunch of KH guys :/
    I was just thinking the same thing....hmm...how about a timed game? Like everybody has exactly one or two hours to vote and then I stop and get the winners...
    Hmmm....I think that the rules should be different..like you can only post twice per page or something like that...
    Yeah...that happened one time that I was the only one healing Xion against like five people Dx
    I think you should attack Axel instead of Larxene though :S
    Hmmm okay. The best thing we can do is heal Xion every time then she will get a lot of points
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