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  • Yeah, they are :p.
    Hmm...does it have any BBS spoilers or is it AU? Either way I'd love to read it, but if it has spoilers I'll wait until I play BBS XP.
    I'm actually really, really looking forward to Rapunzel! Apparently, it has the beautiful fairytale feel of the 90's Disney movies, and those were always my favorites, so I'm totally pumped! Though, I apologize for saying November in my last post...that's when it comes out here in America. I have no idea when it's going to Singapore. Sorry...
    Badminton's hard, but I think it's easier than tennis, lol. And less painful, too. (Seriously, getting hit in the head with a birdie is MUCH less painful than a tennis ball xD)
    Well, BBS and Dissidia are the only games I know I really want for PSP...or pretty much any Square Enix game XD.
    Yeah, probably :p :)
    That's good~
    I've been mostly good...excited for BBS as well, but I only ordered a PSP recently XP. I need to save more money for BBS...it will probably be worth it though~
    Heh, yeah, I'm an enormous Disney fan myself :D I love it so, so much *sigh* Nothing beats a good Disney movie! Are you looking forward to Tangled (Rapunzel) this November?
    I kinda like badminton a lot myself :) Used to play it all the time back when I was younger, though, I was never very good xD And I guess scuba diving could get dangerous, but I think the experience more than makes up for all the danger. Besides, danger is what makes life interesting hehehe...
    Well, I dunno if it should be the first place to go--unless you're an enormous Disney fan, of course :D Heh, yeah, swimming's definitely my favorite sport, too, and probably the one I'm best at (I suck at all other sports xD), though, I haven't done it much lately because I get sooo embarassed to be seen in a swim suit D: And ohhh, I thought you meant like...jumping off a diving board or cliff diving, not scuba diving! But both are really cool...I think scuba diving's way more interesting, though. I'd love, love, love to do that sometime! Er, but is it really dangerous?
    Yes with college starting and all and I've been doing a bad work of keeping up with my homework. :/ So yeah.
    Aw that stinks but hopefully you do find it!
    Ouch, that must of hurt really bad! :C I'm sorry to hear that! But I think I fell once on those slippery rainy days as well!
    I must know: is out there in Singapore yet or no and if not, when does it come out and such?
    Don't worry, before we all know it, we'll talk again!
    OMGOSH hi sorry, I haven't talked to you in awhile and returning back your VM but anyways:
    If it doesn't, don't fret, try to rent it or something. XD
    Oh yes, rain could help cool off the hot weather now and then. True, true, it's slippery and at times, during a storm hazardous.
    That's good, I'll be sure to try and remember that!
    Anywho, excited about Birth By Sleep?
    Btw I might take a 4-5 month hiatus from the forums soon.
    Heh, I actually hear that DisneyWorld is better, though, I haven't been there xD But it's really a total blast! Hmmm, diving? I dunno. I love swimming, but I've never actually done much in diving. It is pretty neat, however, so, I would love to do some more with it sometime :D Are you into diving?
    Heh, yeah, Disneyland is the bomb! Went there for an eighth grade band trip, and it was a blast! But it's really, really expensive, so that's a major downside to it...:( I haven't been to Hollywood myself, but oh my gosh, I can't believe I forgot that one! I'd love to go there sometime, too. And yeah, Hawaii is pretty much a favorite vacation spot for Americans--the weather there is nice, and there's a lot of great things to see! Course, I haven't been there myself yet, but gaaaaah, it's just beautiful there!
    Of course. XDDD
    I like them too <3 they're definetely my favorites when it comes to male characters of Ace Attorney.
    Edgeworth is just..love <3 he's so cold but awesome. But its so sweet when he's caring and he tries to look like he doesn't xD <3
    Phoenix is just frikin awesome xD and funny lol.
    Eh I'm a minority when it comes to Maya. Majority is the people who like Maya;I mean most of the people like Maya, but for me, I dunno why but I don't really like her... oAo something about her irks me but I don't hate her either. I guess my opinions of Maya mostly leans towards neutral. I like Ema better than Maya xD even though Maya and Ema seem similar I like Ema better... Maybe because people/the game implicates a bit of Maya/Phoenix? I don't really like Phoenix x Maya either so maybe I'm biased towards Maya, orz.
    For my favorite female, it all goes to Franzy 8D. She's cold, mean but that's what makes her awesome. At least she's nicer than Larxene, imo. Basically I like Franzy like how I like Edgeworth.

    Now for ships. :D
    I like Phoenix x Mia/Franziska better than Phoenix x Maya. Maybe its because of their age differences... Phoenix is like 26 and Maya's like 17 or something. Then again Mia and Phoenix would have a wide gap to probably, And also Franziska and Phoenix. Ahh. I dunno.
    I don't like Phoenix x Maya/Iris/Dahlia or Mia x Godot - basically the semi canon/canon couples lolol.
    As for Edgeworth, I like him with Franzy. 8D though its like semi-incest or something xP and though I've never played Miles investigation, I have a feeling I won't like Kay x Edgeworth ._.
    I won't mention yaoi in this =w=

    Do you have any ships that you like/dislike?

    Pearlyyyyy~:D yes. She's cute >u<

    That's good~
    Hmm...well, I've seen the 7:11 long one, but I'm not sure if I saw the gamecom one or not..XP
    I read a ton today for some reason and finished one I was reading for a long time.I must have read close to 200 pages today alone :p
    I see that good to hear :3. I have been good too same old days XP. Have you seen the gamecom trailer for BBS?
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