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    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Man whenever conversations about this recent trilogy comes up, I try to avoid them. I've seen so many different point of views that it honestly makes it hard for me to think about how I feel over it. But I will say that this movie, though I was a little hyped while seeing it here and there, it...
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    Xemnas' Happy Fun Club

    Woah, that new avatar is fire girl! 🔥
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    News ► New Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC trailer, Release Dates Announced

    Oof I'm late. But daaaaaaamn this brought back my hype! This is what was needed all along. This made my night.
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    is master xehanort a virgin? is he incel?

    What a good ol' thread from the past, howdy. Time to ruin this. 😁 Well Eraqus was so forgiving of Xehanort cause they smashed previously, and Eraqus just couldn't stay mad at him in the end. Their love was so powerful in the end that they gave into each other and ascended together. "Bros...
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    The Riku and Replica Riku Fanclub!

    First dude does amazing cosplay. Also did some Joker ones. So nice to my husbandos~ Recently played some more Kingdom Hearts and remembered how much I miss seeing Riku in all his sexiness and glory. You be you Riku. ❤
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    The Ren/Akira (aka Joker) Fanclub

    Nice pictures Fudge! Omg Joeeey! Watch his videos along with Akidearest. Quite the duo.
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    The Ren/Akira (aka Joker) Fanclub

    It be very inactive around these parts, along with the Riku/Replica Riku fanclub. *sad noises*
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    RazzyRu's Artwork

    Really nice job on the smol Halloween Sora! In time for the spooky season. 🎃🖤
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    The time has finally arrived...

    I did recognize the artist of that profile picture! StarletHeaven does an amazing job! Welcome to the forums! Have fun whilst you're here. 😃
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    The Ren/Akira (aka Joker) Fanclub

    You shall now refer to me as Akira, the ruler of this fanclub in all its glory.
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    Username Request Thread 2.0: Please read the OP!

    No problem mi amigo. Thank you and to plasmos for reaching out. Love you guys.
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    Username Request Thread 2.0: Please read the OP!

    Adding more to dis cause it be more than a month. Would like to know eventually if it would be alright with ya staff. Sorry if ya busy and I look like an ass.
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    The dedicated plaid thread

    Plaid is... inevitable. I am... inevitable.
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    The dedicated plaid thread

    Thanks to you with posting this here, I remember this thread's existence.
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    RazzyRu's Artwork

    Oh damn, your art looks nice! Another person with much more talent than me, hah.... Anyway, this leaves me impressed already. Love to see more in the future. 😃