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    your up early.

    T^T no he can kill you in two hits plus i cant find an opening to hit him.
    time only goes by fast when you dont want ti to T^T
    XD really?

    :D i like the void gear one, ive been trying to beat vanitas sentiment all day to get it.


    D: already?
    why them people still praying loudly XD

    :D look these are keyblades you get after beating the secret bosses in bbs:
    No Name - Kingdom Hearts Wiki - A world of information not accessible by Gummiship

    Void Gear - Kingdom Hearts Wiki - A world of information not accessible by Gummiship
    XD i watn the white one it seems like a smartass.


    how are you? :D
    how is your morning?

    how's day 3 of the holiday?

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Maybe you'll get lucky next time you go and i will be there. :D

    D: That's bad, you probably can't even go onto
    XD once in construction class this kid smashed his thumb with a hammer, cursed real loud and left.
    and it turns out he quiet construction cause of it only to join the welding class with its torches XD
    It's a Hitman Reborn artbook? O.O
    I hope that you can find it D:

    D: Is your internet that slow? Do you know what type of internet you have?
    D: dont think that way, if i can do it me being the useless mofo i am you can :D
    XD sure you can.
    i do that when i get gamer rage.
    XD sounds like your being lazy rather than you aint good.
    thats the only reason i still buy kh even tho they havent been any good.
    but you dont get that "F*** YEAH" feeling as you curse teh game cause you finally unlocked it :D
    XD well if you dont level grind you wont get strong enought to win.
    but what do you do bout the secret endings that can only be gotten on harder modes? :3
    sadly i doubt they will T^T

    i remember, what level is sora? maybe all you need is to level him up :D
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