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    strong heart yet little heartless?

    (i love making threads like these so i can get different opinions ^^ i know, i'm a forum *hore >>) i know that only two ppl have done this before- given up their heart voluntarily to the darkness and retained their minds when being a heartless. that much is obvious. when u lose ur...
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    what makes a strong heart?

    i've had some predictions for awhile ever since it was revealed alicewas a princess... but what do u think makes a pure heart and/or a strong heart? i mean how come sora's got a stronger heart than some of the other characters? and y kairi...? that...still makes me cringe... i think i can...
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    y only princesses?

    i was joking around with my friends when i suddenly thought, "square's sexist! y is it only the girls that get to be princesses? some guys can be pure of heart too..." i dunno, i just thought it would be funni to think if there were something like princes of kh, who would they be?
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    cool attacks in kh3 u'd wanna see

    (not sure if someone's already posted, so sorry if it has been >>) my friends and i always talk about what cool moves should be in kh3 and my personal favorite is having the ability to change into roxas during a fight (like another drive) or having an attack where sora and roxas split apart and...
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    Have friends who hate KH because of FF characters?

    (sorry if this belongs somewhere else, but i couldn't choose where exactly this should go) i have a friend who constantly puts kh down just because it has ff characters in it. i don't play ff, but i respect it, therefore i don't put it down. originally i though the only reason the ff...