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Recent content by hoshiko

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    358/ 2 Days

    i doubt 2010. i see that more likely for kh3. it doesn't take two years to translate something or even do the voice acting. or rather...it shouldn't but i still doubt it'll take that long for 358/2 days to come out or even all three of them.
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    Mathematic Look at 358/2 [Repost]

    ah haha...as long as you sleep oh boy, off topic >>
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    Mathematic Look at 358/2 [Repost]

    e-eh?! oh dear. i'm sorry for causing you no sleep. ^^U
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    Mathematic Look at 358/2 [Repost]

    ^ yeah, which is why it would make sense for the whole 358 days (roxas' time in the org.) over 2 (people's time together)
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    Mathematic Look at 358/2 [Repost]

    haha and i don't really have a problem with that fire being lit but i still see it in the whole theory for roxas of "can two people with no hearts actually be friends?" which is what makes those two so special and yay, i made a likeable theory! :D
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    Mathematic Look at 358/2 [Repost]

    nnn... honestly, i always figured it was the most simplistic idea that it was the 358 days roxas spent there over the time he shared with axel...since they keep showing him and axel and stuff. ya know "over 2" like... over 2 friends kind of a thing? i'm surprised no one's mentioned this yet
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    Aqua being neglected?

    how could it be an organization coat when they weren't even formed back then?
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    Confirmed Worlds

    Re: Confirmed Worlds - Full list (Cinderella!!) i think they just didn't pick ariel because they really wanted to use her world and have her be a playable fighter. i mean, look at the other princesses. you don't have them on your team once. plus, they put in her story for turning into a human...
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    Confirmed Worlds

    Re: Confirmed Worlds - Full list (Cinderella!!) gawd, yes the old disney movies were the best. so much more leniency (black cauldron and sleeping beauty... maleficent says hell and the prince actually does something 0_0) i dunno if they'll be able to go visit snow white or alice. they'd be too...
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    Aqua being neglected?

    my goodness...such a fuss over a shadow. :huh: my 2cents on the matter are that it's either D.S. (hey, he might be nice back then, we never know), someone we have yet to meet (maybe even the keyblade master?), or aqua, but terra was my first initial thought. as for the original topic of this...
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    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did in COM?

    not saving after beating riku the final time... gawd, that pissed me off to no end... that and not knowing what happens to ur combo cards. oops >>
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    strong heart yet little heartless?

    (i love making threads like these so i can get different opinions ^^ i know, i'm a forum *hore >>) ok...now i know that only two ppl have done this before- given up their heart voluntarily to the darkness and retained their minds when being a heartless. that much is obvious. when u lose ur...
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    what makes a strong heart?

    i've had some predictions for awhile ever since it was revealed alicewas a princess... but what do u think makes a pure heart and/or a strong heart? i mean how come sora's got a stronger heart than some of the other characters? and y kairi...? that...still makes me cringe... i think i can...
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    y only princesses?

    i was joking around with my friends when i suddenly thought, "square's sexist! y is it only the girls that get to be princesses? some guys can be pure of heart too..." i dunno, i just thought it would be funni to think if there were something like princes of kh, who would they be?
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    noticed something in KH2FM regardin ES

    i think a keyblade without a keychain means it's an original and ones with r recreations or copies... but then there's the fact that we see those same keyblades later on with keychains... or did i hear that secret video isn't connected with the most recent secret ending video? oh man, there i...