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  • Sorry...I'm not home tonight actually. Right now I'm on my way home from DC in a big charter bus (School trip). So it will have to be Wednesday. Do you have like a range of time you would be on? So I know when to check.
    Hey Joe. When do wanna fight in super? I changed my tag to DrWestacles xXx. So you know when I send you a friend request.
    Hey Joe. When do wanna fight in super? I changed my tag to DrWestacles xXx. So you know when I send you a friend request.
    Awesome! ^_^ I've actually met Tyler Hansborough twice! :3 My dad raised me a good Tar Heel!
    Is it okay if I ask you a question?

    Why is your name green? I can tell you are a moderator or something.. But that particular shade of green isnt' in the legend (I do not believe)

    Or am I seeing things?
    whoaaaa. just noticed this thing you said about the monkey thread i linked. that was NOT intended to be racist or derogatory, i just wanted to wake you up from how serious and dumb you were being about everything. i wouldn't sink that low.

    but yes. first of all, thank you so much. :3 i was about to send you a pm like this before i saw it, but you beat me to it ^^

    it was so immature and such an embarassment to both of us and the whole forum, i'm glad you want it to be over. i was starting worry when it didn't stop throughout the entire day, and god DAMN you were cruel. i was not kidding when i said i cried. i did, for like an hour and i had to go let off steam and think for another couple.

    i agree it was pretty much a lack of communication that messed everything up between us.

    ...(why are we not doing this through pm jeez i feel so awkward there's gonna be like random people reading this... <_<)

    i absolutely hated that you would cut off ties with me just because "you should have listened to ty."

    if you honestly valued his opinion of me over just genuine true ME that you COULD have talked to any time on msn, i felt like you were never my friend at all, and it made me really upset.

    i know i have issues and problems to deal with, doesn't mean you had to go and point them out in one of the most humiliating ways possible through this outlet. it's going to take a while for you to earn my trust back after that.

    but badmouthing #junes and all, i know, that isn't my character. ulti and stooge and whoever else can hurt me all they want but now i'm going to be the bigger person and ignore it if their reputations are that important to you. i just hope i'm not being treated like a second priority here.

    penguins again? ;-;
    you know LOADS about me.


    i'm fucking crying. do you enjoy that? do you?

    relish in it. you deserve it, you're an excellent person once you get past all the other negative attributes.
    >>contrary to popular belief i didnt start shit

    I suspect you're on about a certain post I made in a certain thread about a certain someone, earlier today?
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