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    (SPOILERS) Union X: Confession / The Missing Ark

    So before I theorized that Ventus being normal was the point of adding him to the Dandelions. I am now convinced my theory was correct and thus will restate it here. The Dandelions are wielders resistant to darkness, the exceptional ones who wouldn't give into the darkness no matter how great...
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    Did Pete really not remember Riku?

    Are people forgetting that Pete always knew that Data Riku wasn't Riku? He knew that he was just a data fabrication, he literally modifies him and turns him into his puppet in that game because he knows he's just a fake. They also know that he only exists in the data of the journal. Likewise...
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    Fess Up: Who You Thought Would Be In The Real Organization XIII

    Honestly the end result we got was almost exactly what I expected. Dark Riku through me for a loop at first only because I expected it to be KH1 Riku. That's because when Riku saw Dark Riku he brought up how he was possessed and the existence of Repliku, and then said that was himself instead...
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    Retcons might (potentially) ruin the Game for many

    Keyblades are kinda trivial that was like one of the main plot points in KH1, yes they are powerful weapons but they are at the end of the day just weapons. The game opens up with being told you hold the most powerful weapon of all but being cut off before we can hear what that weapon is, this...
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    *SPOILERS* The new death scene

    Not quite but you need his scene in Re:Mind, his reports, and his talk in KH3 to get the full picture. The gist is he doesn't think balance can't be restored to the world as it is period. Darkness did swallow the light and leave the world ruined, that's a fact of their world's history not his...
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    What is up with the black box?

    I don't think there is anything in the box, but there will be something now. What I mean is that I believe the box's contents are variable, until it's opened it could be anything. That's why it could never be opened, because if it was open before its time then the box would just be empty and the...
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    The Book of Prophecies Contains More Than We Thought

    I don't think they ever believed the final passage was about their lifetime, they knew that the keyblade war that ends the world isn't their war. HOWEVER that keyblade war spins off from the upcoming war, the one they would be a part of, and that war may not permanently destroy light it would...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Dark Road details revealed

    Man if there wasn't already enough evidence that Brain was the Dandelion that Eraqus was descended from, your comparison makes it even more obvious.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Dark Road details revealed

    Hey did anyone notice that there seems to be new attributes in play? At first it looks like it's just red=power, green=speed, and blue=magic like Chi. However on the page that shows more details there is a blue rhapsody heartless card with a blue icon but the icon is a dream wand not the sword...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Dark Road details revealed

    My guess is that from the sound of it YX met and was betrayed by someone, like how Sora suffered a serious betrayal by Riku, Donald, and Goofy in KH1. But unlike Sora who can understand hearts and the emotions within and was able to bounce back and take it in stride. YX who finds understanding...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Dark Road details revealed

    So as someone who has been playing UX since basically the beginning and back since its Browser Days actually, I'm a little excited. UX in terms of gameplay is actually in a really great place now, it has been for awhile. They've had a lot learning they did and taken in a lot of feedback to...
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    The only one thing that bothers about the current kingdom hearts

    I don't really get the idea that Sora was dumbed down in DDD. He was pretty happy but this was also the first adventure he ever got to go in where he was on it pretty much just to support someone, not because he needed to go. He doesn't need to worry about Kairi or Riku, his home is back, the...
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    A theory on Darkness's plan and the MoM's plan. *spoilers*

    That I couldn't certain of since we have so little to go on. But given how insistent the MoM was that the world couldn't be changed I would stand to believe that the problem was in part the fact the world's destiny was rigid, it had a fated end and before anything else could happen that end had...
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: The Plot Thickens

    I think it was meant to be a hint to Invi's role as the observer.
  15. Hirokey123

    A theory on Darkness's plan and the MoM's plan. *spoilers*

    So now that we know that Ventus is the one that wasn't chosen, but it also seems to be clear that he didn't know he was a fake that raises the question what exactly was the purpose of adding him. He hasn't done anything, contributed to any sinister plot he's just been a perfectly average sweet...