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  • Of course you can joke. That was one of your more sarcastic posts, though, so I felt something needed to be done. You know how many times in the past you've said worse but nobody's given you an infraction for it? Stop complaining because if we gave you infractions for how many times you've said stuff like that you'd have been banned a long time ago. Of course, we enjoy your company because I tend to always laugh at most of your posts.

    Chaser's gotten reprimands in the past before. We all have. I don't know how many times I got told off for something I posted by a moderator in the past.
    If you see a thread that has obviously had a bot posting advertisements in it, don't post in that thread. Point it out in the "Report a Member" thread in the Foyer, don't make more posts and force mods to have to do more cleanup duty.
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