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  • Here you go DrHillboy.

    No particular reason. I'm getting into it now and just learning how to make my drops even harder lol. As far as FL Studio goes, don't mess with that man. Try Reason. It's so much better and the songs don't screw up when the bass drops.
    Go to Mii Maker, click on QR Code/Image Options, and Save Mii as Image. It should be saved to your SD Card so you can import it to the computer. I just need the face image.

    If you're still having trouble, we should race on Mario Kart 7 at least once so you can appear in my Mii Plaza.
    actually the 'white people successes' thread used to be a bitch moan complain thread, so i think i'll reclaim it for what it was supposed to be (i think scubasteve gave the thread it's current name) and merge your recent thread into it
    Probably outdated yeah. The rules still say stuff about Triple Triad I believe.
    I'm not 100% sure, but I actually think the reason you could close that thread was because you created it. Creators of threads can close them *shrugs*
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