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  • Irony is exactly what I was going for right there ;). Anyways, glad you liked it! I think some minor changes will happen in the future to make the overall story flow a little better etc. but I'm sure you now have a clear view what the story's about :D

    Anyways, if you wanna tell me more about your thoughts on the story (things you liked, things you didn't like etc.), feel free to PM me ;D
    Well, I asked Arkrend if he would send it to ya since he was planning on rewriting it a bit and adding some stuff I might've forgotten.. But I think he's kinda busy as of late since I haven't received the summary either. I'll send my version to you via PM n.n
    nice, a small suggestion though, can you make the white background around Shantae invisible?
    Yea that is quite ironic.

    "khinsider" yet a lot of posts are about pokemon and other games. :p
    KHDDD question.

    what was the Destiny island scene about in the beginning? I watched the videos of it and it was never explained..
    I was born a day after you! :O

    Sorry, I couldn't help it after seeing your birthdate in the ask-a-mod thread. xD
    Here you go DrHillboy.

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