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  1. HiByeYou987

    What songs were you expecting in Ice Cream Beat?

    I know this isn't KH but I'd like to hear Hunter's Chance.
  2. HiByeYou987

    what have you come up with

    Phase 1:Cast Mega Flare, go into firestorm. Phase 2:Ventus-Cast Faith Aqua- Cast Raging Storm/Glacier/Thundaga Shot(with giant crowds) Terra-Random Fire command and Ars Solum Phase 3: Beat their asses with Wingblade/Blade Charge
  3. HiByeYou987

    Faith or Salvation?

    Faith it's a great back-up crowd controller in the Mirage Arena when you've already used Mega FlareAnd Ars kicks both their asses
  4. HiByeYou987

    There Is 13 Reports, RIGHT?

    It's in a treasure chest in Deep Space(The Launch Deck) in Ven's Story.
  5. HiByeYou987


    Go kill a bunch of mandrakes or buy one in the mirage arena. Put on all lucky strikes and/or use treasure raid.
  6. HiByeYou987

    what did you miss the most?

    There was a bunch of stuff ex. Leon & pals, Lea fight, in depth with the apprentices etc that wasn't there. Not like there was any chance in the first place.
  7. HiByeYou987

    Getting more health

    Check to see if you have three hp boosts if not then: http://forums.khinsider.com/spoilers/155091-birth-sleep-command-deck-building-melding-abilities-guide.html Also you get about 2/3 less health on critical if you are playing on it.
  8. HiByeYou987

    help please

    http://forums.khinsider.com/spoilers/155091-birth-sleep-command-deck-building-melding-abilities-guide.html here ya go
  9. HiByeYou987

    Total bummer

    I really was wishing to fight lea
  10. HiByeYou987

    Critical mode or Proud mode?

    It's not really that much of a difference. With patience any damage reduction can be endured.
  11. HiByeYou987

    exp walker

    Magnet+Aero+Abounding Crystal= Zero Gravira(EXP Walker) Easiest way to get it
  12. HiByeYou987

    Favorite Command and Command Style?

    Ventus: Command-Faith Style-Wingblade Aqua: Command-Raging Storm Style-Blade Charge Terra: Command-Ars Solum Style-Blade Charge
  13. HiByeYou987

    I need help with Ven

    Ars Arcanum has a low rate of sucess Only Aerial Slam+Blitz is 100% chance of making it. And the crystals are shown after the compatibility with the character
  14. HiByeYou987

    KH and Comedy

    Hades, Braig/Xigbar, and sometimes Roxas, and Ven are funny. Who could forget the classic: Ven: He said ... to bring two grown-ups. and: Roxas: Who will I eat ice cream with.
  15. HiByeYou987

    I noticed something in the FM trailer.

    I'm pretty sure that the Eraqus fight is in the Mirage Arena.