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  • Well no, but everyone I plan to use is over 50 so I'm good, fyi you should be good for bout a week, I went through a similar situation for about a month with 2 DS's & no charger. What really helps is never letting it sit idle or sleep, I personally always play at lowest light setting & I hardly ever play with the sound on at all.
    Yeah man ill take your scraggy, & if I remember correctly you wnted a morning sun Larvesta. Also I've got my wifi working perfectly now so just VM me when your ready!
    That sounds good, I don't have my DS on me so we can exchange FC's later would you like a morning sun Larvesta?
    Actually, scratch that; I just imported my Dragon trio, so I've pretty much been Amulet Coin-raping the hell out of the Elite 4 ever since. Thank you for the offer, though. :)
    Oh sure. Wow a shiny Metagross? Even more awesome. XD

    Hey Blank, I saw your battle video and your Scrafty was awesome. I also noticed that you had a Metagross. Is he part of your party? If so, I kinda made another trainer card for you.
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