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    News ► Nomura Shares a Message to Commemorate Kingdom Hearts Dark Road's Launch!

    So the X series is everything that happened before Sora. It makes sense, as Bbs literally starts with the birth of Sora...
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    How do you want Kairi's part to be integrated in the game

    Hey all. I've seen many of us worried, dissapointed and mainly confused after seeing the MoM reveal trailer, mainly because of the combination of a Kairi's important arc into a rhythm game. We wil probably get a confirmation soon in an interview, but I would like to know in general terms how...
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    Could further paid DLCs be possible for "Kingdom Hearts 3"?

    The phase thing if interesting and stupid at the same time. I think they could put arbitrary phase numbers among the series and it would work just as fine. What it is interesting is why they choose to put the phase thing now (apart from the Marvel rip off): Maybe it means they are in another...
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    Why does this game exist

    Haha it's alright, I see what you meant. Guess the general consensus is "both things can be good but why together". We are jumping off to conclusions (me included) and pairing really bad scenarios in our heads. Just went back and saw the 2.8 announce trailer and it barely showcased Aqua's...
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    What characters do you want to be playable?

    I think Nomura regrets the many early 2000s things he incorporated in Kh2. The style with all the zips, the skateboard... I don't like Kh2 sora more than KH1 or KH3, but I think we have seen enough of KH1 Sora, let the others shine. Totally agree on HJO, poor thing. Maybe the Japanese actor...
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    Why does this game exist

    I understand where are you coming from. Me, as KH fan and a Kairi "stand" (not a fan but I still bet on her) would be highly dissapointed if her only arc in this coming Saga becomes a few cutscenes in a rhythm game where we play as Sora. I actually don't think it would be the case, but let's put...
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    Gameplay types you want to see

    We were so robbed by this. Dissidia should have been a KH game to begin with. I still believe Namine would fit the role of Cosmos perfectly. Back to the topic, I would love a storytale game ala "The wolf among us", with QTEs for combat scenes.
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    Why does this game exist

    You know the thing about market is that, they are allow to reuse assets to save money and time, but we are allow too to not buy that? I see a lot of people complaining on why this game is made. Even if it was the most stupid game in history, if they want to sell it they can, and we can choose...
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    What characters do you want to be playable?

    I would be nice to play with the villains too. Not playing this with Demyx would be a crime.
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    What songs do you want to see in Melody of Memory?

    How I miss the extended secret endings from the FM.
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    One thing we can say for sure now is that devs are learning from their mistakes. No more platform exclusive games always jumping between consoles. Guess this game will be like KH3 was for XBOX. If it sells well, I can see at least "The Story So Far" landing on switch. Hope they keep doing this...
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    What Melody of Memory could mean for the future projects

    If it were only Roxas part, maybe. But even with an old engine, making all the enemies+boss fights, the weapons and the panel system, the org members and the mission mode... that would take a lot of time. Thats the reason it wasn't playable in the ReMix. Evrything should be done from scratch...
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    I don't think Kairi will get a proper, solo game like Roxas did. I am assuming Kairi will get, eventually, a playable scenario before KHIV because of what Nomura said about the title screen and because she was really refined in ReMind. Yesterday I was hoping it was going to be something like you...
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    You see, I'm starting to picture (even tho is only speculation) that this might not be the Kairi game. Maybe I'm giving too much credit to Nomura, but seeing the scenes either takes place in RG and Final World (at least for now), I can see it being very very little storyline content, as a move...
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Series 2nd Phase teases two unannounced projects

    I agree with most of this, but with how Ventus is still important somehow, the introduction of Darkness as a character and how beloved Aqua is to the fanbase, I wouldn't rule out a bbs type of game in the future set in the realm of darkness. I wouldn't be surprised if after all they trio finds...