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  1. Heartless Person

    Venitas trouble

    I recently bought BBS, and I am having a little trouble battling him as Aqua. I am in the KeyBlade Graveyard fighting him with Mickey. Does anyone know any good strategies for defeating him?
  2. Heartless Person

    Tetsuya Nomura's fan-mail address

    Hey, does anyone know where I can find Tetsuya Nomura's fan-mail address. Not an E-mail address, but and actually postal address?
  3. Heartless Person

    Could this be true [Spoilers]

    I found a bunch of videos today, and some of them surprised me. Could this possibly lead to Kingdom Hearts 3? YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - Secret Ending Part 1 Subtitled YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - Secret Ending Part 2 Subtitled YouTube - KH: BBS Secret Ending...
  4. Heartless Person

    KOTOR 2 help needed

    the game is installed. I can create my character. I can see the opening crawl and the Ebon Hawk on fire. But when the game actually begins, my computer won't load. The screen just turns black. I am playing this on a Microsoft Windows XP 2002 version computer.
  5. Heartless Person

    Anime magazine subscriptions

    Hey, I would like to know which anime magazine would be the best to get a subscription for. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. Heartless Person

    Can someone help me??

    Does anyone know how to clear the address bar, on your Ps3? Clearing the history didn't work so I figured their would be some way to do it, anyone know?
  7. Heartless Person

    Help needed finding loudmouths

    Okay so I just beat Days and I am trying to get Pandora's Gear but, I am missing two Gear Component D's and the only way I can get them is to fight Loudmouths or Scorching Sphere's which no matter what Holo-mission I do they won't appear anywhere, anyone have any tips so that I can find them?
  8. Heartless Person

    Ven in Days

    I re-posted this thread because last time I put it in the wrong section which was my bad but anyway, why was it that Xion resembled Ventus when Xigbar fought her in 358/2 days, is it just to screw with our heads or what?
  9. Heartless Person

    (SPOILERS) Ven in Days

    Look I have been away from the forum for awhile and alot of things have change so I can't tell if this is in the right section or not but, why was it that Xion resembled Ventus when Xigbar fought her in 358/2 days, is it just to screw with our heads or what?
  10. Heartless Person

    Playstation disk help needed

    Well I decided to play my Midnight Club 3 dub edition remix last night but something went wrong. Once the game screen came up I clicked on my profile, then right in the middle of it loading it just stopped now it has done this a few times and I don't know what I should do. Does anyone know...
  11. Heartless Person

    Asthma help

    Listen I have had trouble breathing for a few days and I need my inhaler,but my sister did something with it and ow I don't know where it is and she doesn't know. I am wheezing really bad so I am wondering, does anyone have any tricks to stop that without an inhaler?
  12. Heartless Person

    How many of you will?

    Well I was curious so I decided to ask how many of you from the U.S, plan to buy 358/2 days the day it come out in stores. I know I am just so I don't have to wait forever, but what about you what do you plan to do.
  13. Heartless Person

    Kingdom key the original or not

    I was just wondering since it seems that the kingdom key is the main keyblade, I want to know when you get a new keyblade in the games you just get the key chain, so does that mean for all the keyblade wielders if they took the key chain off it would revert back to kingdom key or not.
  14. Heartless Person

    keyblade question

    does anyone know the name of the keyblade you get after you defeat roxas in TWTNW.
  15. Heartless Person

    best website(s) to buy manga

    does anyone know any good websites to buy manga from.