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    Music ► What are you listening to?

    Illenium's new Ascend Album! 17 songs of pure feels <3
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    On the subject of Terra and Xehanort

    I mean, if that were true, wouldn't Terra have just woken up somewhere because his heart and body belong together? But tbh i've probably given way too many things a pass in this game to be focusing on this issue. It'd be cool if a lot of this kinda stuff is cleared up in ultimania but i don't...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix Wallscroll

    Figures this gets announced after i ordered my gamestop poster with the same art (for the most part at least)
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix Poster at Gamestop for 6,500 Points

    If anyone is curious I'm pretty sure GameStop restocked on the posters considering that I just ordered mine a couple of days ago and just received it (:
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    Ursala's eye

    I played KH with friends over the summer and we all discovered this gem together! It made our play through of Atlantica worth it xD
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    Help/Support ► Hi Everyone.

    Sadface. My school has like no clubs. Maybe I should propose we make one... hmm.
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    Help/Support ► Hi Everyone.

    I know whatcha mean, but unfortunately my biggest fear in life is being alone :/ Its literally the most uncomfortable thing for me. It like irks me every day that I am alone.
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    Help/Support ► Hi Everyone.

    You and me both :/ the thing that sucks is that her therapist just changed her depression medicine. Shes having massive mood swings and she doesnt know what she feels right now and our relationship has been kinda bipolar :/ But I know she loves me. idk. It comes out a lot. She just doesnt know...
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    Help/Support ► Hi Everyone.

    Yeah... I guess he did. didnt help that her parents pushed for it too. Like they love me and all, they just want their daughter to get better. I do too. I also wish it was that easy to find myself and have self discovery, but i'm kind of a wallflower, so its hard. bleh.
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    Help/Support ► Hi Everyone.

    You have to be following me on tumblr. I literally reblogged that like a half an hour ago.
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    Help/Support ► Hi Everyone.

    I just don't want things to end up like they never happened. like this is seriously the best relationship we've both ever had. Like we never fought, we always had fun, everything was always lovely. But now this one things happens and I feel like its all going to have meant nothing. I don't want...
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    Help/Support ► Hi Everyone.

    Is it bad that I can't? She told me she's coming back after this is all over. We're just not allowed to like hang out and stuff until then :/ shes having bipolar issues too. Idk. We've seen each other like 10 times since we broke up and each time eventually led to kissing. I just don't know...
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    Help/Support ► Hi Everyone.

    I've honestly been trying really hard. Its just that nothing is fun anymore. I can't even distract myself with games. Like I think I need to see a therapist because my depression is getting to the point of anxiety attacks and making me feel like im going to puke. :c Its just weird. Like shes...
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    Help/Support ► Hi Everyone.

    I know its been awhile since I've been really active, but I really don't know where to go. I really don't. I'm going through a really rough period in my young life, and I just need someone to listen or give me advice or something. idk. Well, essentially, I've had really bad depression since my...