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  • lol I as do I. But so far this is the best I got: had to post a link cause the image is in two parts very poorly done doors and tables in the back. xD
    It will be the last month on your calendar. =]
    That sucks! D= I'd have at least kept my game. >=3
    Sorry to hear you didn't get to kh1 or CoM. ;A;
    Impressive. =D I have trouble making backgrounds. Dx
    Shes rather useful. Especially when you do her social link. ^_^
    haha I know that pain. I hate the psp because everyone I had broke like junk. I'm so glad 2.5 will let me play BBS on ps3 instead. TuT
    I like how it barely has games for it. xD Sony doesn't even seem to be trying to support it now.
    Oh as on Draco then! =D haha That's alright I say, fangs make it more unique. xD
    5 in all huh. =3 Do you write stories for them?
    Fes is the best one! I like playing as Aigis in the Answer. Aw that sucks. ;A; If you ever get a Vita you can get P4: Golden which is way better.
    Draconic? Like vampire? =3 How many OCs do you have? ^_^
    Good. =D You'll find all kinds of stuff in other sections.
    Oh oh which version of 3 did you get!? =D
    P4 Golden is the best version of the fourth but the original is great and on download for ps3. =D
    ^_^ Good to hear your enjoying it so. Ah that's to bad, I hate a dead forum. =[ This place slows down now and then but not much.
    So who's your avie/drawing of? ^_^
    Have you ventured to any sections yet like video game or KH? Ever hear of persona?
    Haha, no worries! I've actually replied on my own profile more than a few times now. We've all been there. cx
    Anyways I hope you're enjoying this site, I'm usually around the creative writing section obviously writing stories that I wish to be novels! :3

    If you have any questions or just want to talk, I'll be here! :]
    Haha. Just press View Conversation button right on the top right uve' my post. c: ^
    After that just reply to your desires!
    To avoid spamming, they have a 25 character rule, it's not that much uve' a biggy. ^^
    If you want, just send me the picture on here and I'll be able to resize for you so it doesn't look as squished! c:
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