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  • I kinda live out in the woods, by a lake. It's about a 20min drive to anything, and 40 to anything really good to do. But most of the cities/towns here are small. Closest one I live to is about 10,000 people. The capitol is probably the biggest of all the cities. I'm not quite sure how else to describe it here.

    I went to florida when I was 12 for a family vacation. The one thing I will always remember about that trip, is that when we went to Disney World I got hit in the back of the head by the person in the Pluto costume. And no one saw it! Just walking through the castle, got hit in the back of the head, and Pluto ran off through an employee door. That whole thing was just rediculous.

    I try and be careful about what games I buy these days, cause if they had a character I liked I'd rush out and buy it, then be stuck with a cruddy game. Sonic games are the biggest example of that. Were you gonna go all-in for a 3DS and KH3D?

    Yeah, it's cool. I have two relatives that are gay, so it's nothing I really think much about. I am 21. Not really doing much with it since I don't really drink.
    Haha, nah it's not awkward. I'm a guy. I just realized it doesn't list your gender on the sidebar of the VM page. You'd have to click on the "About Me" section just to see that. And putting the gender icon on the sidebar of your page is hard why? xD So yeah, guy.

    What's it like over there on the east coast? Never really ventured out of the midwest, other than one vacation to florida.
    Any particular video games you like? I'm mainly an all-around Nintendo junkie, minus whatever platform has a KH game on it. xD
    Nah, that isn't big deal. I'm straight, just very unlucky with the ladies. xD
    I think it was around the end of August. Yeah, time sure does fly.

    Sure thing. Not great with the self-introductions so I'll just start listing some stuff.
    -Born in Wisconsin, love all the sports teams here.
    -I like anime/manga, and I recently got into comics.
    -On the forum I mostly go to the Vido Game, Media and the writing sections.
    I know! I didn't realize its been that long either until I looked at our convo haha.

    Oh gee that sucks. Well I hope things get better for ya soon. Other than just getting a ps3 and finishing school, not really. How about you?
    I remember you from when I first joined here. You were the first person to ever friend me, but I think you left for a while shortly after.

    Just wanted to say hi, and thanks for being the first "friend" I had here, even though we never talked. xD
    Well look at what the insider dragged to my profile.. lol jk. You're right, it's been ages, almost three years (wow that long huh?) I've been ok, had my fair share of ups and down like everyone else, but I'm at middleground right now haha how about yourself?

    Personally, not really. There's a Final Fantasy one but that is invite only.

    There are several KH ones.
    to be honest? neither. basic psychology will get you nowhere. you need to be specialized.

    as for art, it's an incredibly difficult field to find work in. it's hard to break out into a respectable instructor, is the problem.
    Yeah I never passed chemistry. Well, I got a C- ugh, I'm horrible at math, nevertheless when you add elemnts to it, it just seemed like a foreign language to me. Well hey Congrats atleast you passed, usually once you take a class you won't need to take it again unless if you choose to advance in physics ^_^

    Don't be scared, you've just passed the ahrdest year of high school!
    Junior = thesis, ACT's- basically it's the year where all eyes are on you (academically) in order to proceed onto the next level.
    Senior year is pretty easily honestly. You don't really do anything haha. And then you have all of those events coming up and you get the option to leave school early. Oh I remember those memories, get out by lunch and I would go hang out at the beach with a couple of friends. It's fun, and graduation is thrilling. When you hear getting your name called up, you get goosebumps running down of excitement. So don't be discouraged at all. It'll be great :D

    So you feel like you're 12? hahaha. just kid! Well then again that's just in my opinion. It was probably that stylish jacket you were wearing or maybe that hi tech panasonic camera that makes you look good lol.
    probably like midway through junior year of high school. i started reading psych books and i got a real feel for the subject.
    It's alright!

    Hahaha, I remember when I was in 10th grade I got placed in AP Chemistry with all the senior and I was like "wtf am I doing here!?" lol. like seriously, I never got why it took 3 pages of work to solve one fu cking equation. That'd piss me off so bad and I pretty much the same explanation from my teacher. It was ridiculous.

    You look older haha. And yes it's a good thing, but sometimes looks can be deceiving. I was seriously a little bit confused after I saw your picture lol.
    So far it's been a good year lol, then again my birthday was like 3 weeks ago so I guess I'm not that old.
    I miss high school/college sometimes though. The adult world is full of shit to do hahaha.
    It's so-so, there are too many downs to count, but I see some ups in the future, which is all I need.
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