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    Help With Hades!!!!!!!!

    It's all with patience. Just wait. Well that does depend on how long ago you posted it.
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    What's the third symbol? *This is about the Secret Ending of KH2*

    Can yall give me the link to the picture?
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    The Third Symbol

    Hey I know this has probably been put in another thread already. But can someone give me a picture of the Third Symbol. You know. The other symbol from the heartless the Roxas draws on the table. Just not that picture. A clear view of one.
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    ok ultima weapon or fenrir???

    WellI voted Ultima but Fenrir looks cooler. ltima looks like the old style of keys. Fenrir actually looks like a modern day key.
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    Shawdow Sora huh?

    Watch the video and it will tell you where to get it.
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    Shawdow Sora huh?

    Here go to this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CFNzlXo574
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    Shawdow Sora huh?

    Well firstly. You dont' get Anti from Abusing the Drive. You get it from this invisible point counter called anti points. After a certain amount of getting hit by heartless and driving into drives other than Final you transform into Anti.
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    Another problem with First Person mode is. You can't attack enemies. You can attack but not enemies. You can only swing it.
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    Roxas can weild two cause he is part of Sora. Sora can weild two cause of his power and the fusion. Riku can cause he was supposed to be the original Keybearer. And Kairi can cause of her love for Sora and her strong Heart.
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    let us get one thing straight here!!!!

    *sigh* nOOb. Welcome ot the forum. And try not to post things that have already been posted.Also try and look for a thread on KH 3. There are many already. ;) On another note Nomura already said that the 3 armored knights are new characters. ;)
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    Zomfg No!

    A. It's either your PS 2 disc tray is not clean. or B. Your KH 2 disc is dirty,scratched,smudged. OR Your PS2 or your KH 2 DISC IS SH** lol
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    kingdom hearts 2 for Xbox

    WTF. There not going to make it for the 360 or Xbox 1. I can assure you that. They will most definitely be keeping it on teh Nintendo or Sony systems.
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    The organization revived?!!?

    Hmmmmm once again. Another KH 3 thread. Interesting theory though.
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    YRP, no where to be found...

    No. You see them again. Just later in the game. It's one of your missions to talk to them again. The give you the Gullwing Keyblade. P.S. The Keyblade sucks. It's just one more step in getting the secret ending.
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    Sora Heartless Form ...

    well for all of those who think ANTI is completely random you are wrong. You can control it. It's just hard to notice it.