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    Couple ?'s

    1) Where can i get the last of the ingredints to the ultima recipe? 2) How do I unlock the alternent ending?
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    Sora Heartless Form ...

    Yep yep, Anti form makes you faster but with the downfall of taking 50% more damage. I like it when i fight heartless but not the dusks, and the heartless. but then again It only happened to me 2 times out of my 42 valor forms.
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    Beat the game Sat, how about you?

    So im guessing its just like KH, that the game doesn't save at the end of all the stuff, and you Battle report. I beat the game Sat and I cried, but fortunly I stilll get to beat on Sephiroth, or vise-versa,lol. Well I was level 51 when I beat the game with approxiatly 25 hours of play. But...
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    kingdom hearts 2 quotes

    Axel, but still I love that quote. Crap i know some. I will give you alot because Im going to have to beat the game agian, and again, and again....
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    Are you in shape?

    What is yalls work out schedule? Mine is the one below: Morning: 50 situps 100 crunches 30 pushups 2 min Six inches Backwards Pushups Afternoon: 1 1/2 miles Mile bike ride Night: 50 situps 100crunches 30pushups 2min Six inches Backwards Pushups Stretch This is my workout, I also only eat...
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    Any free spywares that work?

    Does anyone know where I can download free anti spywares? Well that actually work.
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    limited edition guide

    Yes I might as well get it too. But 30 bucks is kinda alot x.x. I have to think this over.
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    Custom Robo thread 1 and 2

    Has anyone been waiting for number 2, besides me? I thought thw game was one of the coolest games I've played in melee in a long time. Have any of you played it?
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    What Have You Done To Quench Your Need For KH2?

    What I have done to quench my thirst for KH2, is so far grabing alot of Gatarade!
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    Need help,lol

    Well there is this multicultural project and I was wondering if I did okay. Topic: What does communities, our Nation, our world mean to me? What does being in a diverse school affect me? And here it is: Have you ever heard this statement before? "And when this happens, when we...
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    Did I do the right thing?

    Is it possible for people to feel sick just by going to work. I had to quit my job yesterday at Capatain D's because of the followign things: 1) There was this mean guy there 2) The grease and everything 3) It was so messy All this stuff made me sick to the point where I wanted to throw up...
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    Are you going to use it

    Who all is going to use the strategy guide for KH2? I just wander if people will use it more this time then in KH.
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    PlayStation Official Website - KH2

    Yeah I can just picture it, Mickey and Minney Mouse getting it on, to produce a keyblade.lol good stuff.
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    Anyone played Jumpsuper Stars?

    I was thinking about importing this game, but I don't know if I should or not. Has anyone else played the game? Still no one has played this game?
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    People are TOO anxious for KH2

    :p nahhh, corecting my english... I shall bite you. But what you say is true. This game has brought alot of discussions. So can we respect it by not posting flamming comments?